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You’d think if you had to keep a secret, you’d at least tell your spouse. Therefore Neil Armstrong’s wife must have known that he never went anywhere near the moon.

Now that we’re told he’s dead, why wouldn’t she spill the beans? The easy answer is she must still be on the payroll, and will be until the day she dies.

Money helps keep secrets. That’s why I’m convinced that none of the actors that rule our lives get a big lump sum payment or salary. They’re all on a monthly retainer, some bigger than others.

Armstrong’s widow, Carol, found the items, and she snapped a picture of them that she shared with curators at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, a release from the museum said.

via Neil Armstrong’s widow finds artifacts from moonwalk in a closet | St. Louis.

The can never end, like the Kennedy assassination hoax or .

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