If you can’t make it, fake it

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Look what kooky (sarcasm) video they made just before /2001.

Area 51 was used for filming? Probably, and perhaps there are many Hollywool sound stages there as well for military movie spoofing.

Here’s an old Fritz Lang movie referenced in the below podcast. Apparently inspired by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.

Good special effects for 1902!

H/T s37.podbean.com/pb/27b12a6b3bb…

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7 thoughts on “If you can’t make it, fake it

  1. Blue Moon

    That Fritz Lang might be in some way in on or inspiring the eventual NAZA rocket program is amusing given his story that he got out of Germany after Goebbels asked him to head UFA- Between Lookout Mountain and Disney alone the special effects research was right there in the heart of LA- And the actual physical exercise of the stagecraft would be left to professional showmen who know how to produce a story with maximum emotional impact- Timing, continuity, foreshadowing, camera angles, casting, etc.- These are some of the elements that make make-believe so believable- We can be pretty certain Polanski directed the Manson Murders- I’ve pegged John Frankenheimer as the primary director of the Kennedy Assassination- Many people seem to have settled on Kubrick as the Moon man- Oliver Stone for 911, anyone?

  2. smj

    there’s an interesting ending to this interview of fritz lang by william friedkin… start watching at the 1:25:30 mark …

    friedkin directed the exorcist and the french connection and is married to sherry lansing… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherry_L…

    she’s run 20th century fox and paramount and is a long-time regent of the university of california we are told. which means she was in charge of a movie studio and the berkeley, los alamos, and livermore labs… www.ucop.edu/laboratory-manage…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      smj posted: ”start watching at the 1:25:30 mark …”

      Well, well, well, I’d never seen that. Fritz Lang, director of Woman in the Moon ( widely accepted as one of the first serious science fiction movies).
      Not only was he a pioneer of a cinematic genre, the 84 year old Lang seems at some pains to tell us he invented the rocket launch Countdown. This seems true enough, on the evidence.
      As well as that, when looking back at Frau im Mond, he seems to have, pretty much, designed the launch pad and set a template for how to
      show rocket launches on the screen. Looking at the launch sequence, here below, from about 6:30 mins, it’s not much different to watching a launch on television today ( sans the ‘cooling’ (?) pool Lang had). It looks pretty much the same. The shots of the rocket on the pad and the astronauts strapped-in for take-off. It’s not really that different from looking at a contemporary Chinese launch ( for example).

      The birth of science fiction movies…that says a lot I think!

      From about 6:30 for the launch.

  3. khammad

    ‘Conspiracy Theory: Did we go to the Moon?’ talks a lot about radiation, and nuclear bombs.

    There are several shots that show Asians with radiation poisoning, as if to imply that many Japanese did indeed die from radiation poisoning when the A-Bomb was dropped. (Interesting to wed the space program hoax to real nuclear bombs.)

  4. Thereason

    Commentary “…. Only a few people knew the whole story……”
    35.12 …. A telling grave stone, with the inscription IHS…lol


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