Neil Armstrong interview

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Reuters, August 14, 2006 — The U.S. government has misplaced the original recording of the first moon landing, including astronaut Neil Armstrong’s famous “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” a spokesman said on Monday.

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6 years ago

I just realized Neil A. = Alien and Armstrong strong arm. So a made up name I would guess.

Johan Backes
Johan Backes(@johan-backes)
6 years ago
Reply to  anthonycarallo

You just saved the lives of many. Some context perhaps, Who Lies? Saxe believes that anyone under enough pressure, or given enough incentive, will lie. But in a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, DePaulo and Deborah A. Kashy, Ph.D., of Texas A&M University, report that frequent liars tend to be manipulative and Machiavellian, not to mention overly concerned with the impression they make on others. Still, DePaulo warns that liars “don’t always fit the stereotype of caring only about themselves. Further research reveals that extroverted, sociable people are slightly more likely to lie, and that… Read more »