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If you’re a frequent traveler here, I hope I can label you a fakeologist.

Read this comment by Johan Backes, and then answer the poll question if you would.

On the other hand, the people least likely to lie are those who score high on psychological scales of responsibility and those with meaningful same-sex friendships. In his book Lies! Lies!! Lies!!! The Psychology of Deceit (American Psychiatric Press, Inc.), psychiatrist Charles Ford, M.D., adds depressed people to that list. He suggests that individuals in the throes of depression seldom deceive others—or are deceived themselves—because they seem to perceive and describe reality with greater accuracy than others. Several studies show that depressed people delude themselves far less than their nondepressed peers (does this statement typify fakeologists? Its a great poll question Ab…) about the amount of control they have over situations, and also about the effect they have on other people. Researchers such as UCLA psychologist Shelley Taylor, Ph.D., have even cited such findings as evidence that a certain amount of self-delusion—basically, lying to yourself—is essential to good mental health. (Many playwrights, including Arthur Miller and Eugene O’Neill, seem to share the same view about truth-telling. In Death of a Salesman and The Iceman Cometh, for example, lies are life sustaining: The heroes become tragic figures when their lies are stripped away [Will be seen as a literary tragedy one day?].)

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5 thoughts on “Are you depressed?

  1. khammad

    You know when you have sprained your ankle, because your ankle tells you it has been sprained in the way of pain. Perhaps if you feel generally down or in a malaise, one reason might be that it’s your bodies way of telling you to eat better. If you stick to manufactured foods, you WILL BECOME MALNOURISHED. That’s just a fact.

    Manufactured vitamins are a joke. The quality of the fake food is so poor that they have to supplement with fake vitamins just to sell it. These vitamins don’t even have to absorb into the body. Those iron filings that are in your breakfast cereal (cereal iron is attracted to magnets) are only 5% absorbable. Why even bother?

    I would imagine that big pharma (and all other stakeholders) do not want you to know that you can cure yourself. Yogurt cures a yeast infection, cranberry juice cures a bladder infection, (maybe your eating too much sugar if you keep getting these infections) vitamin D is a prevention against cold/flu, but if you happen to get it, then changing your pH significantly improves your cold/flu, just to name a few.

    Those illnesses I just mentioned have so many products on the market and by prescription that Big Pharma makes billions of dollars every year.

    Who does it benefit to have a diagnoses of overall sadness due to a chemical imbalance? Not you. This diagnosis means nothing is under your control. You have to look outwards to get help. Who benefits from a diagnosis of depression, Big Pharma. Have you seen the ads on tv? To me, those ads sound like they are fishing for victims. If you were not one before, you will be one now, says the ads. They (meaning a team of 10 healthcare professionals who agreed to the order) wanted to put my mom on antidepressants just about a month after her stroke, still confined to a hospital bed. I asked why. They said she might be feeling bad because of her stroke. No shit!

    1. Blue Moon

      K- You are so right- I work for the biggest Big Pharm bureaucracy in creation and even though I have medical bennies anyone would envy, I don’t even take aspirin- I will expire on what my bodily instrument will give me- I’m Irish and as a member of one of the legendary beat down peoples that have survived their torture at the hands of their Imperial oppressors, I know I’m indestructible- Depression? I thought I had it at 40- (I’m in my late 50’s) I knew it was temporary and I modified my behavior- No drugs- Joie de vivre- I’m going to make it because I insist- A long life is more than habit-

  2. anthonycarallo

    and the word lie – what does that mean? The professions that were traditionally associated with the honest upstanding citizens like doctors, lawyers, and religious leaders and even (or especially) teachers are based on lies and deception. Most professional people who would consider themselves honest live huge lies in order to make a living. No wonder no one wants to wake up.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    The article spoke of ‘ the people least likely to lie are those who score high on psychological scales of responsibility and those with meaningful, same-sex friendships.’

    That Charles Ford M.D. added depressed to his list is interesting enough, but where’s the Polldaddy for how many of us are lesbians?

    Are you in a meaningful same sex relationship?

    Don’t know-
    Don’t believe in the concept-
    All the time- 🙂 that’s me.

    Excuse my frivolity. It just seemed a bit of a leap to the poll. ‘Are you depressed?’.
    It is interesting that so-called depressed people don’t lie so much, but it shouldn’t be an assumption that the people who visit this site to examine the lies we’re told are not liars themselves in their day-to-day lives. People lie all the time.

    I’d like to start with a poll asking everyone if they’re a liar. Then have a poll to see how many of those people are depressed.

    Are you a liar?

    Don’t Know
    Don’t believe in the concept
    All the time 🙂 that’s me. Who doesn’t?

    ”Daddy can you go to the shop? Yes darling, I’ll go in five minutes, I’ve just got to write a bit more….”
    ”Daddy you lied!”

  4. anthonycarallo

    anyone that can be happy all the time in a world like this is either totally deluded or a sociopath who does not care about the suffering of others. I have met liars who seem very happy and who have quite a few friends- other liars probably.

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