Vaccine propaganda backgrounder

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More than I can remember in recent media memory, all the big media propaganda guns are being pulled out worldwide to counter the growing awareness of what may be one of the biggest health hoaxes of all time: the vaccine.

My position is vaccines do nothing at all, with the possibility that they may harm. It’s only because I question everything I’m told in the wake of the that I’d even consider questioning modern health 0;science”.

Perhaps there are more vax doubters than media doubters. They’d probably be easier to convince of than pro vaxxers.

History is being made on how the world is responding to vaccination. Even long-term health professionals are refusing to vaccinate themselves in the face of continued injury and death being caused by the practice. Almost half of healthcare professionals are now refusing to vaccinate and children’s uptake for HPV, influenza, chicken pox and many other vaccines are reaching historic lows as the awakening spans across the planet.

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1 thought on “Vaccine propaganda backgrounder

  1. anthonycarallo

    The root word for vaccine is supposedly from vacca for cow since milkmaids were said not to get cowpox . The root vac in Latin, though, means, “to empty”, as in vacant (or vaccum). Autism is a sort of vacancy of personality to varying degrees. It could also mean the vaccines are empty or a straight up hoax, they don’t do anything. The ingredients do not sound good, though. I don’t recall hearing about herd immunity until recently. They switched up the science like with HIV/AIDS.

    vacant herd cattle cow…

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