A bad imitation

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Interesting little revelation of the method in movie/myth making.

The important part of movies is controlling the emotional message, and not so much the 0;facts”.

Though The Imitation Game (like other some of the other biopics that stand a chance to win an Oscar this weekend) has come under fire for historical inaccuracies and not delving deeply enough into Alan Turing’s sexuality, the Oscar-nominated director says that emotional accuracy was very important to him while making the film. Though he left some of the best odd details he learned about Turing out of the film—”He was allergic to pollen, so he used to wear a gasmask sometimes in meetings without telling anybody why,” for example—Tyldum says the overall arc of the film is true to Turing’s life.

via The Imitation Game Director Explains Why the Movie Didn’t Stick to History | TIME.

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7 thoughts on “A bad imitation

    1. anthonycarallo

      smj I have a headache today and literally can not tell if that NationalGeographic article is a joke.

      Actually fluoride is a natural mineral that, in the weak concentrations used in public drinking water systems, hardens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay—a cheap and safe way to improve dental health for everyone, rich or poor, conscientious brusher or not. That’s the scientific and medical consensus.

      below is a link to a public disclosure from Seattle Public Utilities that shows the receipt from a chemical company called Mosaic for fluorosilicic acid, not a “mineral found in nature”. The crazy thing is Seattle Public Utilities makes the fluoride is found in nature claim on their own page. I put this up on my FB page (Yeah I know) once (no Alex Jones or opinion added) and everyone ignored it, then a friend took me aside and asked me “where do you find that stuff?” meaning where do I find kooky conspiracy stuff. 🙁
      Disclosure directly from Seattle Public Utilities:

      but here SPU says that fluoride is found in nature:

      1. smj

        this stuff is brilliant:

        “The next day, as Kumana and Gasa prepared to canoe 38 miles (61 kilometers) to the PT base to alert authorities of the crew’s survival, Kennedy searched in vain for paper on which to write his SOS. “I told Eroni to climb a coconut tree,” Gasa said. “I said to Kennedy … ‘You can write a message inside this husk of coconut.’ … He looked at me and said, ‘Jesus Christ, Biuku, how did you think of this?’ He came over and took my head with both hands, twisting it slowly and studying it.”

        On the coconut, Kennedy etched a message—”NAURO ISL/NATIVE KNOWS POSIT/HE CAN PILOT/11 ALIVE/NEED SMALL BOAT/KENNEDY”—and the two scouts began their overnight canoe trip. Gasa remembers thinking, “If I am caught, I’ll scratch out my message and wait for my death.”

  1. Blue Moon

    Just saw this at work and had to share- Maybe we are making them just a little bit nervous- The article is condescending and does not target any specific groups or individuals- It just poo poos any doubts about Scientific Authoratah! From the National Geographic Society for Preferred Science-

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