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Jeff C has a good roundtable on the past week’s hoaxes. Despite the fact that he is misleading people on the Taipei plane hoax (deliberate or not, you be the judge), he still has some people on this chat worth listening to.

Here’s his deleted rant on the shill/no shill drama. Not much to listen to, but an example of how distracted truth 0;groups” can get, again whether paid/professional or not, from researching hoaxes.

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3 thoughts on “Latest hoaxes audio

  1. Cobra Commander

    Ab, this guy is a joke. I’ve been constantly harassed since the Transasia hoax by him and his goons. I was featured in his video where he said people were calling him a shill, even though I don’t even like or use the word shill. Peter James, or as you probably know him, Peter from Switzerland made a hit list of people with you, Simon, myself, and a handful of others with countless threats. Come to find out, Peter from Switzerland was contracted by NASA for “interpreting satellite images”. He obviously has a bone to pick with here and cluesforum. It’s clear what their agenda is. They are trying to discourage anybody from searching for the truth by making researchers look like a joke, and trying to put up a wall to block people from coming here or Cluesforum. They are allowed to tell you about hoaxes as long as they don’t utter the term CGI. They can push crisis actors all day.

    1. anthonycarallo

      but there are crisis actors, CC, you are not denying that are you? Sometimes I think some of the actors in those events also post online and are some of the shills. Of course there is also CGI, especially in big operations like 911 where they can’t have 3000+ drug dealers/strippers(er I’m sorry “burlesque”) /actors to play the roles. There is a “blog” called 911 Dramatica. To add to the online “drama” they “out” some of the online characters like Uncle Fakester, but then they put real people in there and do serious harm to their families. What a coincidence that it has a theatrical theme. The author uses phrases like “butt hurt”. What kind of people talk like that?

    2. ab Post author

      I tend to agree. They are sewing what we believe with a strong dose of confusion. It’s hard for us to believe that it’s organic or an honest mistake, knowing about military psyop concepts like cointelpro. It’s to be expected, as more of us connect on what we think is the ultimate truth.

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