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Simon says “What’s new?”

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Simon weighs in on the latest divide and conquer techniques used by so called “truthers”, exposing their modus operandi:

1: Befriend and gain the respect of REAL & HONEST TRUTH SEEKERS by first producing some supportive research and videos.

2: At some stage, totally flip-flop (‘turncoat’) and start launching vitriolic denigration-campaigns against the same.

3: Lastly, as you get exposed as a cointelpro clown, accuse all REAL & HONEST TRUTH SEEKERS of being cointelpros – and start behaving like a complete fool / madman – lashing out at them all – so as to sow as much strife and insider-fighting as possible while, at the same time, discouraging / putting off outsiders to even look into honest truthseeking circles.

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Canadian trial hoaxes need work

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There’s almost no doubt in my mind that this anti-Kijiji/Craigslist media event is a hoax. Instead of having an OJ-like fake trial, we’ll simply delay it indefinitely into the future until no-one cares/remembers. Whatever happened to the concept of justice delayed is justice denied? Doesn’t apply to sims, apparently. How about a public trial? The rules seem very vague, but when it comes to a sim, it doesn’t really matter.

The trial for Tim Bosma’s accused killers has been delayed until next year.It was originally scheduled to begin Sept. 28 but a new start date was set Monday during an extraordinary and unexplained closed-door proceeding. The public — including Bosma’s father, Hank Bosma, and members of the media — was ordered out of the courtroom by Justice Stephen Glithero for the three-hour hearing.

via Bosma trial delayed to early 2016 | Toronto Star.