Simon says “What’s new?”

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Simon weighs in on the latest divide and conquer techniques used by so called 0;”, exposing their modus operandi:

1: Befriend and gain the respect of REAL & HONEST TRUTH SEEKERS by first producing some supportive research and videos.

2: At some stage, totally flip-flop (‘turncoat’) and start launching vitriolic denigration-campaigns against the same.

3: Lastly, as you get exposed as a clown, accuse all REAL & HONEST TRUTH SEEKERS of being cointelpros – and start behaving like a complete fool / madman – lashing out at them all – so as to sow as much strife and insider-fighting as possible while, at the same time, discouraging / putting off outsiders to even look into honest truthseeking circles.

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16 thoughts on “Simon says “What’s new?”

  1. LennyLeverhulme

    We’re definitely on Step 3 at the moment: “Lastly, as you get exposed as a cointelpro clown, accuse all REAL & HONEST TRUTH SEEKERS of being cointelpros …”

    Jeff C says within the first 3 minutes of today’s episode of “We’ll Do It Live” (Ep 29) something like… “People pushing the TransAsia hoax meme are Cointelpro…”
    Go here:…

    Don’t think Simon Shack is two people, but you’ve got to wonder about Jeff C. Is Jeff’s phenomenal video output (sometimes 2 or 3 slickly produced vids per day) really just the work of one guy or could there be a Team Jeff behind the scenes? I tried to put one of those things together once and it took me effing ages to get everything right. Maybe you get proficient at it with practice but I still wonder…

        1. ab Post author

          I think your entity is a ploy, so I’ll grant your email address name wish “pleasegetmeoutofhere” and send you on your way.

          In this world of confusion, you have to believe something and in somebody. After talking with Simon and Hoi for over two years, I’ve made it clear I believe they are real and honorably intentioned. Due to their ability to see through the smoke, they will be the most carefully attacked., which is what you are doing.

          Hoi was polite in stating that your views will be more welcomed on your own page. Happy writing!

        2. Johan Backes

          You of course realize your login name

          Anthony Carallo

          anagrams nicely into

          Charlatan Loony or even the more sinsister Anarchy On to All

          Rather tidy synopsis of your intent here.

          ho hum

  2. anthonycarallo

    Maybe there is a good explanation for those pictures? I am not defending those channels, btw. If they are shills, there must be budget cuts because they are idiotic.

    1. Hoi Polloi

      The main question you’ve hinted (without actually saying it) is kind of funny to me. What makes Simon different from previous pictures of him over the years? Hmm, I dunno. Hahaha!

      Are you unfamiliar with the concept of human aging? Did you hear about autophagocytosis in school? Or maybe on your TV? You should look it up. Here’s an informative, if not great, article with a working link about some key concepts of cell aging:… (Sorry, it’s a wickedpeddler article.)

      I am teasing you. The point is I have met Simon and he’s a real person, not played by an actor, not deceptive and not trying to pull a fast one (or slow one for that matter!) on anyone. He is just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary skill for asking cool questions.

      I can’t see the original source photos you have used to construct your comparison, because your links don’t actually go anywhere, but I’d bet the pictures you are cross-examining do not show EXIF data proving Simon is two different Norwegians, nor would they show any weird indication of being digital fabrications. (Except what you’ve done to them in rotation/resize or whatever to make the angle closer to matching up — which they still don’t quite do despite your messing with it, though I am sure that’s not your point or you’d basically be admitting you failed to understand anything about the coincidences in The Vicsim Report).

      So that leaves your question of what makes him look “different”. It makes me wonder: how old are you? Have you not noticed yourself looking “different” over the years? Or perhaps your parents, if you are too young to have noticed yourself age? I haven’t visited him lately, but I would guess the “difference” you are seeing here is just that — his age! (Being a real human and not a sim has its drawbacks, I guess.)

      I understand your skepticism with prominent folks like him, but I think you may have misjudged the value of this research method you are using. He’s just getting older. Sadly.

      I am glad you are not endorsing the sloppy computer-generated shit they are passing for “news” these days. But please, leave my friend Simon alone. He is a real guy and he’s trying hard to point out the deception methods of a hugely influential (but admittedly probably quite small) criminal cabal of clowns who would be all too happy that you are muddying the waters on these topics. Perhaps you’ve noticed how much Simon has done for public awareness of the hoaxes. He doesn’t deserve to be accused of being anyone except what he is: a genuine person who is concerned about the hoaxes taking over people’s minds.

      He is not the youngest of us researchers, if he’s a bit too harassed by colleagues just for coming up with questions we all should have been asking about our news, rather than just him. If you have any questions about his identity, why don’t you just contact him on Skype, as he’s invited everyone and anyone to do? Or go pay him a visit? He’s very welcoming and kind to all good people who are truly honest truth-seekers.

      Ultimately, I hope you will agree with me that if you are wrong (since I am certain you are wrong about Simon being “two people”) that what you have done is waste everyone’s time with needless worry that those convinced of your motives now have to all go and confirm for themselves. Aren’t there much more important things to do now? Will you help us wake people up to the fakery of the Moon Landing hoax, the space hoax, the Nuclear Bomb scare and other dumb fearmongering non-phenomena? Or are you just going to bother the researchers exposing these things?

      Be part of the solution instead! If you are legit in your quest, I sincerely thank you. If not, well, you know how people would feel about that and I would hope you could take a hint, get out of here and go start a blog or something.

        1. Hoi Polloi

          Haha! Wait.

          1. Photos of him are too different from each other
          2. Photos of him are too alike to one another


          But “they” (whom you imagined created these in a lab rather than them merely being cropped in GIMP 2.6.6 and released by Simon himself, which are the true facts of the matter) managed to get his nuanced grimace, forehead wrinkles, and extremely sophisticated difference in lighting such that he actually looks like — lo and behold — he was really there! Well, well, and they did all this back in 2009, when the EXIF data indicates the latest was taken, with the same Olympus used on the ferry picture taken earlier.

          Your argument is basically, “The most sophisticated simulation rendering ever accomplished, beyond anything the military was capable of to produce thousands of vicsims, fake victims, sims and sim terrorists slated for fake fates in fake dramas in hugely publicized fake terrorist attacks … was used instead to perfectly mirror the real life of a real musician in Italy who is otherwise exposing all the ‘simple’ simulations.”

          I don’t need to be an expert in forensics to find extreme fault in your reasoning. That would truly make Simon the very epicenter of all the hoaxes in this world!

          Believe it or not, he is just a clever guy that made a documentary on the hoaxes. There is no “conspiracy” or evil cabal behind him. Oh, and he told me about other false ideas being spread: Simon and I are one and the same person! (We were created in a lab?!) I hope you don’t subscribe to (or are the author of) that fantasy concept, either.

          But as Ab suggests, feel free to make your case for … whatever … on a forum somewhere. No problem if you want to believe these things that I am certain aren’t true. It’s definitely outlandish and fun.

          But please just make sure it doesn’t detract or distract from the proven facts of media fakery.

          Continually focusing on “cults” of research (which sounds a lot like how the CIA and the Church talk dismissively of scientific discussions, to be frank) in order to dismiss scientific evidence for some of the largest swindles in the known history of mankind … comes across as more than slightly shallow of you.

          So it’s not hard to see the ultimate purpose of your discussion. You just don’t like the points Simon brings up and so you mean to attack his character, even if it mean aligning with the enemy that produces the hoaxes and brainwashes the public.

          It makes me not want to have anything to do with you. And anyway, that’s not going to help a lot of people, is it?

          1. ab Post author

            Sometimes I wish Simon didn’t put his personal info and pictures out. We can see how they can be (poorly) twisted and made THE issue, when media fakery, psyOps, and a controlled narrative need to be the focus. Even if September Clues was made by anonymous, it would still be the best explanation of 9/11. Simon and Hoi’s extensive research and conversations with me on fakeologist radio only help prove in my mind that not only is their research the top of the mountain, but that they are willing to stick their necks out every day and fight for it, making it even more believable.

      1. anthonycarallo

        Look up “Cult of Personality”. This forum is to question what can be trusted, which would include other researchers, unless you have some kind of authority here. I think people should know if they can trust the others with whom they are dealing. There are some very untrustworthy people out there.
        Skype can spread viruses and worms into your computer which spread to all your contacts. It is totally unsecure and used as a spy/infiltration device. It is also used to implant hypnotic suggestion.

        1. Hoi Polloi

          Dude. Your whole fucking computer is a spy/infiltration device. What are you going to do?

          If you won’t confirm for yourself Simon is a real person, and you also fear his evil super powers to “hypnotize” you, how the fuck are you going to get any research done about anything?

          I don’t need “authority” to suggest that you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You come on here, to some of the most skeptical forums on the Internet, to suggest that nobody on the Internet is trustworthy, while putting up really flimsy and bad evidence for it.

          It basically seems as though you are unwilling to do research because you fear research.

          Don’t be a fearmongerer. Take a hold of your life, take a hold of your ability to do research and trust your own senses.

          But I guess if you don’t, we won’t be losing a lot will we? All you do is align with the most paranoid thought you can devise. Any person in the world is capable of doing that. We don’t need your false “help” finding “cults of personality” in the act of basic socializing with other people.

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