9/11 Betsy is back

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Ok, it appears she is NOT an avatar. I still disagree with her pushing the Judy Wood persona and her imaginary weapon. I still disagree she ignores the very convincing .

The Eric Darton book does look like a typical pre-programming piece (like the book 1984) meant to lend special powers and mystery and knowledge to a simple building enhanced with advanced drill and movie simulation technology.

Clues discusses Eric Darton: cluesforum.info/search.php?key…

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1 thought on “9/11 Betsy is back

  1. Johan Backes

    “Recently I interviewed a psychopath. This is always a humbling experience because it teaches over and over how much of human motivation and experience is outside my narrow range. Despite the psychopath’s lack of conscience and lack of empathy for others, he is inevitably better at fooling people than any other type of offender. I suppose conscience just slows you down. A child convicted molester, this particular one made friends with a correctional officer who invited him to live in his home after he was released – despite the fact the officer had a nine-year-old daughter.
    The officer and his wife were so taken with the offender that, after the offender lived with them for a few months, they initiated adoption proceedings- adoption for a man almost their age. Of course, he was a child molester living in the same house as a child. Not surprisingly, he molested the daughter the entire time he lived there. […]
    What these experiences taught have me is that even when people are warned of a previously founded case of even a conviction, they still routinely underestimate the pathology with which they are dealing.”
    ? Anna C. Salter

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