ep26-KHam radio

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When? Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 7:11pm EST

Who? K, Ab, Delcroix, Shea


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15 thoughts on “ep26-KHam radio

  1. Henkus

    It has been a while since I listened to the podcasts here.
    I got too emotional last time and made my 1000000th stupid post and was just too mad (at..the world?)

    Then I had to come back, for sanity sake, and oh man the first thing i listened to was this great talk.
    Sure it was long, but that’s GREAT!

    Thanks for keeping me sane.

  2. dakotamoon

    In this show KHam asks.. why would anyone have it in for the Rockefellers?.. And all the other hosts chime in with: If you can name it.. it’s not in control!

    Do these kids do zero research on history? Look into the Reece Commission .. see what the Foundations have done to the world. The Rockefeller’s.. who “We Shouldn’t Hate”.. only designed the entire school system.. which has resulted in these kids.. who won’t question the Rockefeller’s.. I’d say their Education was Faultless! The Foundations only changed our entire health-care system into an Alliopathic One.. which has doctors prescribing poisons to us.. look up the 1st and 3rd leading causes of death.. Both are caused by Doctors.. but we Wouldn’t want to criticize the Rockefellers.. I believe KHam asks: “What did the Rockefeller’s drown her baby or something”?.. Congratulations to our Education System which has turned out these Sterling Researchers!

    1. khammad


      No need to be rude.

      “Congratulations to our Educational System which has turned out these Sterling Researchers!”

      Sometimes I am guilty of getting to the finish line of a scenario without explaining how I got there.

      I agree that the Rockefeller’s/foundations have brought servitude to our lives, where, without them, who knows what our world society would look like.

      What I was alluding to was the fact that Rockefeller and his ilk, according to myself and many posters here, are controlled and told what to do. These visible people are the ones who carry out the plan, but they are not the planners. Yes, Rockefeller’s gave us the design for the whole school system that turns children into obedient citizens. Perhaps they were told to do that by the planners.

      We have an artificial system of control that benefits only a few on this earth. This is undeniable. We know that the control is world wide. One must then ask who is doing the controlling? We have clues to that, just go look at all these NGO’s and foundations. Doing the control is one thing, but planning the control is a whole new ballgame. So one must now ask who is planning the control? How much does any one group really knows about the whole plan or about each other?

      If it turns out that there are no planners, only an ideal held fast by our leaders, well I want to know that too. What does this ideal say? And where did it come from?

      Here are a few other questions I have about the planners:

      Are they one unit or a council of groups?
      Do they fight among themselves?
      Are they fragmented or is there cohesion among them?
      What codes do they honor?
      What is the background of how they were formed?

      . . . to name a few.

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  4. Hoi Polloi

    Very entertaining show. I broadcast it where people could hear while I listened; and even without understanding what it was about, people were giggling and smiling at K’s humor. Powerful stuff, humor. Helps difficult information sink in. If only K could be on the ‘real’ radio, I think it might save America, or at least change the world for the better. She has a great radio voice and personality. Same with Del, of course, whose earnest, lilting manner is soothing and puts things in a beautiful and hopeful perspective. Heck, I wish we could give all of you your own permanent show. But we’re lucky to hear you here. Thanks, all, for doing this!

    I totally disagree with pshea that the fake Taipei crash was ‘more convincing’ but I can of course understand someone who feels that or sees that because they simply haven’t trained their senses and mind properly to pick up on cues that a story was made with special effects. Ironically, pshea may want to get more sci-fi or action movies and without even watching them, just pause and do frame-by-frames on the CGI parts to study the seams.

  5. ab Post author

    One of the best Khams to date. You’re really hitting your stride K. Del is a wealth of talk too and I still enjoy Shea and his soft nature. Keep it up.

  6. LennyLeverhulme

    Further to the YouTube wars, Red Pill (Truth Media) has just posted this new video which looks promising. Seems he’s come through his initiation rites at Clues intact. Good for him. Hope he stays the course and can get on top of the subject matter. He seems like a nice bloke so I hope he will. Looking forward to his prospective interview with Simon and Hoi.
    September Clues promo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=skXKSB…

    1. LennyLeverhulme

      Rollo appeared on yesterday’s Australian Round Table (ART) After Party Podcast (Ep 21) where the discussion centred on the Fakeologist.com and September Clues.

      The fakeologist message was eagerly received by the hosts who run their weekly show from up in Brisbane. Red Pill also put in a cameo appearance and spread the love about September Clues.

      For the ART Ep 21 After-Party, go here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_l63u…

      – Rollo comes on at about the 25 minute mark.
      – Red Pill appears at the 1 hour, 5 minute mark.
      – At the 3 hour mark, John Le Bon, the ART host, gives a good plug for Fakeologist.com and summarises the recent contretemps with Jeff C and the CGI plane psyop, and imho, gets it dead right.

      Ab and K, I think John Le Bon would make a terrific guest sometime.

      The good news is, expect to see September Clues and this site start to receive a lot more traffic in the near future as the message gets out, wide and far. The bad news might be, more trolls!

      1. ab Post author

        Thanks for the update, Lenny. I’ll listen in and post it in audio version mp3 as well. Hit me up on Skype or teamspeak sometime, I’m always looking to talk to new listeners. As for new users/trolls, they’ve been coming on strong for the last week or two.

  7. Johan Backes

    In science and geometry mirror images are called Enantiomorphs which is greek for “opposite forms”. This discussion inevitably leads to the origin of life the universe and everything (which is of course 42, a non chiral number oddly enough). One fantastic example of an enantiomorph is the number 11, or even the WTC buildings themselves.

    Furthermore in biology there is also the case of enantiomorphic or “mirror-image” identical twins. Although physically similar, they show certain features that are mirrors of one another – their hair parts on opposite sides of the head or they suck different thumbs when babies…the hoax masters love their twinz….

    This is part two of my comment, see below for part one.

    As usual, happy hoaxing

  8. Johan Backes

    Betsy is a shill, what else is new. Her presentations are slick audio video commercials. The inverted imagery is a tell used by Kubrick and others as a clue for those who know better.

    ” Flipping the film over into its mirror image illustrates the 2-dimensional nature of the situation, making the characters’ ignorance of the real story transparent to those living in the 3-dimensional world who know the truth. “

    Find more here on inverted imagery and the 2 dimensional TV screen con game.

    In a legal context it is also known as the Mirror Image Rule:

    “In the law of contracts, the mirror image rule, also referred to as an unequivocal and absolute acceptance requirement states that an offer must be accepted exactly with no modifications. The offeror is the master of one’s own offer. An attempt to accept the offer on different terms instead creates a counter-offer, and this constitutes a rejection of the original offer.” -from Wikipedia…do you accept Betsy’s offer?

    And certainly dont forget this gem

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