Are you a liar Andy?

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Listening to a radio host put here to mislead on research talk about confessed liar Brian Williams TV host is ironic and annoying, but still worth a listen.

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1 thought on “Are you a liar Andy?

  1. Blue Moon

    The whole concept of professionalism is designed to keep the hoi polloi from thinking for themselves- Some may tell the truth about their job skills (they would have to as a demonstration of their professional abilities and presumptuousness implied by their licensure) but beyond knowing how to, say, blow up a building, their opinions of what constitutes reality is just as valid or invalid as the rest of us-
    As for the host, he’s clearly a tool, using false equivalences that wouldn’t stand up in a court room to sell his own reality as a common denominator- He’s also aligning the expert guest with the 3,000 dead hoax to try and give it some credence- It’s an inversion of aligning fakeology with something like UFOlogy- A kind of vicarious validation-
    Speaking of lying media, here’s classic Mile Mathis in high dudgeon over the Patty Hearst hoax- – The Hearst media empire is one of the foundations upon which the lies of the 20th century rested- They’re sort of the west coast version of the Rockefellers, with fingers in every pie, including Berkeley and the nuke nonsense, and of course Hollywood- The fact that Joe Kennedy put together RKO studios, I can’t help thinking that their release of Citizen Kane was a giant middle finger to Hearst from a rival-
    (Full disclosure: I once sold a painting to Willie Randolph the Third- He seemed quite happy with himself that he concluded the transaction without help from his lawyers- And, the original screenplay for the third Dirty Harry movie, The Enforcer, which Mathis goes to town on was written by a screenwriting teacher I had in college- Looking back, I think he was just a young hustler wanting in on the action, not an asset (his original script was heavily reworked by others)- Even so, with his list of credits, he’s clearly happy to play ball-… )

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