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Space Cartoons

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Use this space to post your favorite space cartoons.

I didn’t realize Peter Jennings started as a paid liar so long ago.

Space Cartoons and the Flat Earth:

Here’s the extent of my flat earth research before this month (and I’m sure most others as well)

Bugs Bunny-Hare We Go 1951:

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John Adams Afternoon Commute w/ Dave McGowan

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Chris and John talk with Dave.

Dave McGowan jjoins John and myself to discuss Laurel Canyon, Psyops, Stanley Kubrick, Mass Shootings, Media Coordination with Fiction,Serial Killers, Cops, The State, Mass Media, Ferguson, Michael Brown, Police Shootings, Craft International, Chris Kyle, Bradley Cooper, American Sniper, Boston Bombing, The Moon Landing Hoax. , ………

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* Episode Feed: Hoax Busters –…

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Plane crash, like a movie, 33, etc

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Can’t be bothered to read too deep into this one. I guess Air Canada had to retire one of its A320s. I suppose this is just another weak version of the lovely, ongoing, and creative Germanwings crash psyOp.

Trevor Lightfoot was one of 133 passengers on Air Canada Flight 624, which crash-landed 335 metres short of the snowy main runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport early Sunday. The Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

via Halifax plane crash was like a ‘slow motion’ Hollywood movie: passenger | National Post.

Our very real Gordon Lightfoot’s Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (was that a real ship sinking?)


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9/11 fauxgrapher Nathan Blaney

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Was this a planned demolition/urban land clear that was portrayed as a gas explosion with victims, that seems to happen more often than not in NYC this time of year? Quite a few of the pictures have a 119 (911) address in them.

The horrific gas explosion in East Village on Thursday brought Manhattan to a standstill and left a lingering fear about the city-wide, never-ending building works.

Revered photographer Nathan Blaney, who captured the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, was sat feet away in Bull McCabe’s bar when the now-destroyed sushi restaurant exploded.

via 9/11 photographer Nathan Blaney captures the aftermath of the East Village explosion | Daily Mail Online.

I couldn’t find this photographer in cluesforum’s phonytographer thread.

I did find his 9/11 photos deep in the google search. With all due respect, I’ve been a photographer most of my life, and I don’t see much to revere.

I did like this bit of artwork though:

911 crates

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The age of Doublethink

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“Doublethink” on @Wikipedia:…

Ever wonder why we get contradicting elements in psyOps? It’s a psychological trick to get the whole story to cancel out – the ultimate definition of fake.

To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out,

1984 was a blueprint, not a prescient novel. Today, the media controllers are using it more than ever.

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Fetzer flips on fakery?

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It appears Fetzer now concedes that the planes hitting the towers was all fake footage, but he still can’t agree that ALL the 9/11 footage was fabricated just like a movie.

His guest Alan Weisbecker tips his hat to Simon of at the 38 min mark, and is referenced again at the 46 min mark.

H/T Paul from NY
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* Episode Feed: The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast –…

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I won’t go quietly

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Fake science fueled by a compromised media leads to real drugs with real consequences and real deaths. Understanding how the media is controlled can go a long way to helping you decode the medical system.

In episode 50 of “The Infectious Myth”, David Crowe talks about long-term non-progressors, people who have lived with a positive HIV diagnosis, for many years, without taking drugs, or with taking them only for a short time. As well as people who stopped the drugs after several years, and whose health never completely recovered.   The episode includes two interviews that were recorded for a recent AIDS special co-hosted by David and Gary Null. The first interview is with a man David calls Peter.…

Here is the YouTube movie referred to in the podcast


Update 3/29/15

Watched the movie. While not polished, it’s clear message is that HIV “medicine” is really toxic to humans and is being used as a eugenics program in many countries. Laws and shaming are used to intimidate and force the medicine on women and children. It’s a truly disgraceful and modern day culling program.

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Editing out the 9/11 screamers history

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There’s real proof that research is having an effect! Why is this important? You can bet that all the feedback they get from the 9/11 hoax, 14 years back, is being taken into account when creating the fake stories of the latest hoax, Germanwings 9525.

1: – We have been on the right track all along

(the “9/11 victims” database is a digitally-created sham – a monstrous “photoshop photoslop album” of fictitious / phony victims. The perps have been caught with their pants down and are now ‘scrambling’ to do something about it).

2: – The 9/11 ‘Hoax-Maintenance Perp Crew’ (HMPC) is a pretty damn stoopid / inept lot

(for them to simply remove the “offending” images / photoslops – while leaving ‘placeholders / broken photo links’ of the said images ! :rolleyes: – has to be the lamest ‘coverup attempt’ ever made, and provides us with the / most flagrant admission of guilt imaginable.)

…then nothing ever will.



via View topic – 9/11 MEMORIAL SCAMS, VICSIMS, Etc •

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ep140-Clues Quiz #3-The Nuke Hoax

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When? Sunday, March 29, 2015 4:44pm EDT

Who? Simon, Hoi, Critical Mass, Khammad, Frank, Delcroix plus a few other contestants.


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