Audiochat – March 1, 2015

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2 thoughts on “Audiochat – March 1, 2015

  1. dakotamoon

    This NASA video is Priceless. The Video Quality is so much better than what We Viewed in 1969!

    I have been involved in the Electronics Industry for over 50 years… and found it “Amazing” that in 1968:
    They hadn’t invented Silicon Transistors yet…. they were on the Horizon.. the only “CHIP” was a germanium, silicon substrate .. with 128 pins.. and complex .. NAND logic. if the Zeroe’s were Not.. 1 “AND” not 1 again.. the computation continued.. that was it.. PERIOD! All computers at that time used Vacuum Tubes.. and the Power Supplies took up Rooms.

    Then NASA develops The Apollo Program. with: Nasa claimed the On Board Computer on the Apollo Flights that controlled the Missions and the Landing and Re-Docking of the LEM… was “Accomplished” with a Computer that had less memory than a Commodore 64… and They Worked Around the Complicated “Memory” Issue (they didn’t have digital memory back then)…. They used Graphite Ropes for the memory… I Kid You Not.. they tied graphite globules.. and hand wired them with Rope Loops.. that gave them.. a “Memory Gate”… .. Imagine an On Board Computer that controlled the lives of 3 men… made all the complicated digital decisions devised to land and take off an orbitting planet (The Moon).. with a Graphite Rope! .. I Kid You Not! If You buy that.. there is No Hope for you .. EVER!

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