Fakeologist on Australian Round Table

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Thanks for the mention Rollo!

Zip to 32:15.

h/t Lenny

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2 thoughts on “Fakeologist on Australian Round Table

  1. LennyLeverhulme

    @ xileffilex (post below):
    Yeah, that was painful. Happily, the two ART hosts, Ethan and Johnno, are definitely in the TransAsian hoax camp — as was the vast majority of those in the chat at the live event (some 60+ people), which, admittedly, wasn’t always reflected during the show.

    The thing with Oz Roundtable is, they have guests on with wildly varying degrees of awareness of, and exposure to, the media fakery angle.

    For some, it’s a thought they’ve NEVER seriously entertained, or even heard before. For others, at this stage, it’s a bridge too far. Others aren’t sure what to think, but are willing to consider it. I chatted to one of the no-hoaxer guys and referred him to the Trans-Asian thread at “cluesforum”. At least he listened.

    And let’s not forget these guys are mostly aged 18-25 (Rorschach, the centre of the shit storm between Jeff C and ART is only 15, btw). Not bad for young whippersnappers, and definitely a cause for optimism 🙂

  2. xileffilex

    Great contribution, Ro11o! And a sound expose of the nonsense masquerading as a plane crash in the Keelung River and defence of PK. Is it really credible that the others had no view on it, or hadn’t even investigated it, when it involved such immediately apparent CGI, and subsequently proven to be, followed by such a idiotic ‘rescue’ drill debunked by PK, Russianvids and others? I think I would have turned off if you hadn’t enlivened it. Thanks. Also for mentioning this great site of Ab.

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