Terrible talk radio?

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Recently exiled AnthonyC has reappeared, as instructed, on his own blog. Nothing really to see there, except a cutting comment against me. The evil scum part I can brush off, but are the podcasts really that bad? That’s the part where I try hard!

Change agent Fakeologist or ab irato seems to be pretending to promote , while actually destroying them and dumbing down the conversation even more into those terrible talk radio channels where people say almost nothing interesting. They are evil scum

via Fakeologist Ab Irato and September Clues | fakefakeologist.

As for Skype – listen, I don’t like Micro$oft much either. I use teamspeak on my own server, but people complain about its fidelity (I usually am mobile on teamspeak, so that affects fidelity). Is Skype invasive and reporting back to the NSA? Possibly. The only way to make sure you’re not sharing anything you don’t want to is disconnect from the internet, and we know most people won’t do that anytime soon.

So Anthony/stopeatinganimals come to teamspeak and we can discuss. Otherwise, happy blogging!

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2 thoughts on “Terrible talk radio?

  1. Blue Moon

    I for one would not have listened to umpteen hours of Fakeologist radio if the broadcasts were bad- Rollo’s non sequiturs sometimes throws me, but the Ab/KHamm nexus is good panel, as they used to call talk shows- Whomever this A Carp tool is, he’s taken his ball and gone home- When a blog starts off with a middle finger to someone he has a beef with, that is usually the only post the blog will have- I’d be surprised if it lasts too long-

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