Setting the 9/11 scene

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Well said nonhocapito:

it’s not about ‘cabbaging’… those characters, and all the references in movies, are there to envelope, trademark within the world of media… it was Holliwood that worked hard to create the cultural context in which 9/11 could eventually happen. Without the long standing world of make believe manifested by Hollywood,
newsmedia and the TV, would still be a fairy tale in the minds of the pigs in charge. It was the wizard of OZ, the hollywood magician, who made it happen. As to the quality, it wasn’t so shitty in 2001; it was good enough for TV, which was all that was needed. Imagining a group of boys in an army garage is doing them a favor, really, by painting their wide, pluridecennal conspiracy as little more than a rogue CIA operation or something.….

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