Audiochat – March 2, 2015

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Who? Ab, Delcroix, Anounceofsalt

What? , more Dallas Goldbug with Frank


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7 thoughts on “Audiochat – March 2, 2015

  1. MATW

    Hey guys, thanks for the audio.

    About DGB/”Voldemort”:
    Ab says at 00:39:circa
    It takes a concept that I’m trying to promote, but twists it in a way that is incompatible with my way of promoting it.

    Does this mean that you are more concerned with the “the way” Chiarini promotes his material than the content itself?

    “(…) It makes my position confusing (…)”

    Opposing views are only confusing until they meet eye to eye.

    If anyone wants to respond, please don’t appeal to the argument that this topic is already covered, over and done with. If this is your opinion, then please allow my comment to vaporize into the infinity of WordPress.

    Have a good day

    The Gulo / MATW

  2. Videre

    Mr. Salt,

    I would love to talk DGB with you some day. Unlike my dear Fakeologists, I do have the patience and am interested in the psychology and disinfo that DallasGoldBug presents.

    Like ab & Del, I am amused/surprised at your lack of advancement in your journey after 3 or 4 years. DGB fueled my interest in research but like many here, I outgrew and saw through him (the government disinfo prgm).

    If you are legitimate in your quest for truth, I would be more than happy to discuss.

    Good luck.
    Videre 🙂

  3. LennyLeverhulme

    Delcroix mentioned Red Ice Radio recently throwing fakeology under the bus. It’s at the beginning of the Tim Murdock interview.

    Referring to the recent Charlie Hebdo hoax in Paris (as if a real event), the host, Henrik Palmgren, says: “… We also have, predictably, the ‘fakers’ as I call them, that claim that everything about this event is fake, nothing is real, nothing ever happened, and I’m as fed up with those nuts as I am with those who continue to deny that this is an imposed clash of civilisation agenda that is intended to destroy European civilisation and the West…”

    Just before the 3 minute mark:…

  4. UNreal

    confusing a person with a concept

    it is a bit sad that a concept (actors playing multiple roles) is ruled out because of a person (Dallas Goldbug).
    As much as i have seen the contrived images D.Goldbug has put forth, i have also seen fake actors playing different characters in various Psy’Ops.
    more interesting than DGoldbug is to look at how actors are recycled, and also how different actors play the same role as can be suspected in the case of the Beatles or Michael Jackson.

    Noah Pozner killed twice…

    1. khammad

      Two people playing one person is possible, under the right circumstances.

      My whole rant about DGB is just that HIS picks are wrong, off, incorrect, confusing, purposefully misleading, etc. He has no logic at all to his comparisons, except for the fake ear biometric bullshit, yes, bullshit, total and utter bullshit.

      Sure two people can play one person, but probably these players are hoax centered, not popular-entertainment-personality centered. Meaning that players should not be too recognizable, so as to be able to play more than one roll with a minimum of physical alterations.

      To match physical appearances and location is where the cost comes from. Reduce those costs and the this whole scenario makes a little more sense.

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