Double trouble

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Psyoptipickle has an interesting post on twins.

There’s something magical about identical twins. True marvels of nature. It’s that perfection to their mirroring that makes them so mind-boggling. But alas these curiosities of our cosmos are also magnets for the criminally insane. The Nazis were obsessed with them. Dr Mengele, the mad Auschwitz shrink was infamous for his evil experiments on twins in his “care”. Or so the story goes.

via Make that a double, barman! – Let’s Roll Forums.

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1 thought on “Double trouble

  1. Henkus

    I just have to think that these guys are actors.
    Are they even brothers? I don’t think it really matters.

    Been suspicious of these guys since i saw this (must have been via clues forum)…

    Oh and isn’t one of them married to Gaby ‘no-blood-headshot’ Giffords?
    Very suspicious.

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