Vicsim retreat

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If we’re really in an info war with our oppressors, then just won a major battle.


Congrats to all the great researchers at cluesforum.

Simon should be on KHam radio soon,  and Critical Mass is due on my broadcast too.….

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4 thoughts on “Vicsim retreat

  1. el sushi de la mancha

    That is a great sign, all the efforts and the time spent unmasking the real essence of the “victims hoax” on 9/11 tells us that this great collective commitment was worth the “wait”. Congrats CF members, big kudos to both Hoi and Simon.

  2. khammad

    Yes, Ken Humphreys, author of the whole series of videos from his youtuub channel JesusNeverExisted. He seems like he really wants to stir things up by his continuous sarcastic demeanor.

    1. Blue Moon

      A pencil sketch of Christianity’s evolution (Inspired by many sources):
      There was likely no recognizable Christian church, so named, until the ninth century AD (CE)
      The reason for the coalition of faiths into one pan European religion was to solidify the “Holy Roman” empire of Charlemagne in an attempt to check the invasion of the Saracens (Muslims) who I suspect were behind the Iconoclast revolutions of the eight century in Ravenna and Constantinople-
      Christianity is an amalgamation of pre-existing philosophies and parodied histories from Imperial Rome (Josephus), Ptolemaic Egypt (The Chi Ro is a variant on the Egyptian ankh; as well, baptism rites derive from Nile riverine rites- Those rites got a great boost as a conversion/induction tool from the cult of Antinous, a Nile river sacrificed male concubine of the emperor Hadrian in the second century CE) As well, Syrian influences such as the teachings of Bardaisan and his successor, Mani (Manicheanism) seasoned the proto-gospels popping up here and there, largely in the east-
      The philosophical meat of Xtianity derived from Philo of Alexandria and his concept of the divine Logos- Within his extant writings is the blueprint for the concept of the soul- Neo Platonic and Neo Pythagorean schools also influenced these metaphysical concepts- (The intelligentsia is always at work trying to find a “rational” argument for the survival of the individual spirit after death- Fear of death is just human nature, no matter how advanced a civilization)
      The concept of a divine man (ie, a Jesus Christ) was originated in the late period of the Roman republic- Rome back dated the deification of Alexander the Great, thus creating an historical precedent for the deification of Julius Caesar- From there, divine men enter literature with imperial sanction (Apollonius of Tyana is a key story from this era, a tale of a wandering sage who strives for divine transcendence)
      The concept of a righteous man also carries with him a divine twin- This entered into philosophy and then religion and remained in some form well into the Common Era-
      Statuary, ie, of Antinous, were thought to be conduits that emitted the actual presence of the individual depicted- The statuary were not tributes to the dead but spiritual cell towers from which to broadcast the presence of the divinity that was cast in stone- This “possession” of the statuary, I suspect, was one of the main reasons why the Iconoclasts went about destroying iconographies of every sort in the eighth century CE-
      The back dating of “Christian” history is like the Vicsim Report of 911- The hardest part to sell- If there was no Christianity, there were no heresies such as Arianism – Manicheanism was not therefore considered a heresy in its prime- The church “doctors” and commentators such as Origen, Augustine, Eusebius, Tertullian, they are all fictional creations or heavily edited authors who knew nothing of Christianity as it did not exist in their time-
      Finally, the texts on which the Church lays its foundation are almost exclusively dated from the ninth century CE or much later- The two most complete New Testament collections, Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus, are thought to be from the sixth century CE, but contain hundreds of later annotations so are not reliably dated- And that’s the bottom line: The textual tradition, as John Bartram (Google+) refers to Xtian history as, is forensically challenged to the point of being inadmissible- See his web sites for a better/broader telling of some of the above- He is apparently off-line now and preparing a book about all of his research- See Ken Humphries for laughs, and see Acharya S/DM Murdock for exhaustive research into the religions of the west- (Murdock is the only other serious researcher I’m aware of that has given consideration to Bartram’s hypothesis of no early church history)
      Show me a bigger hoax than Christianity! You can’t do it-…

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