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Living with your 9/11 thoughts

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A podcast exploring relationships and how they’re affected by your 9/11 knowledge.

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Food removal machine

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The Irish Holodomor

The deliberate starvation of Ireland by the half of the British empire’s regiments is quite the untold story. This came up on the last KHam radio, and is worth a repost as I have just listened to it and found the whole history quite compelling. I have an entire branch of my family tree tracing back to the Irish expulsion to Canada and the US.

With the success of information suppression and propaganda, there’s no doubt in my mind that the potato famine story is promoted for a reason, in this case to the exclusion of the deliberate starving of the Irish.

Another element of the following audio I did not know was that the British did not bestow personhood on all but five Irish families. While we often complain about the legal obligations of being “persons” under the law, not having personhood meant that most Irish were on the same level as cattle.

There’s much more untold or unknown history in this audio. This is a timely listen as St. Patrick’s Day approaches — a time when all of Irish heritage should reflect on more than leprechauns and green beer.

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