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11 Most Enlightening Facts About 911

1) A simple google search 0;hollow towers,1; which shows the towers before the automatic shutter system was installed to conceal this… reveals dozens of floors never installed and over half of the people said to have died on 911…. came from areas that had no floors or ceilings…. ever! Check for yourself!  Plain as day one can see straight through the buildings! And it’s not just in one picture, there are MANY!

2) Of the roughly 3000 people said to have died that day….
9 out of 10 do not appear on the Social Security Death Index. This is most disturbing and unusual.  The SSDI protects benefits from being received from other than the deceased.  It is as if most of these people never existed.  The same statistic is true of the families who never even applied to receive the $2 million awarded to the supposed victims families.  Huh? Well maybe most of the families didn’t need 2 million bucks….. While on that note New York’s monthly mortality index does not show an extra 3000 increase for that month in September nor for the year as a whole.

3) Two of the planes supposedly hijacked that day…. went on to normal scheduled operation until being decommissioned years later in 2005 even though one was said to smack into the south tower and one was said to crash land in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  Perhaps they retrieved them, rebuilt them, and put back into the sky or…..

4) Curiously, the approximate 102 minutes or so of crash, burn, and collapse footage shown on our TVs of the towers by supposedly rival competing television stations, common filming vantage points are in hindsight upon investigation shared,as if they were sharing film and just adjusted they sky and colors to obfuscate this fact. Timing sound glitches seconds before the 2nd impact mysteriously correlate they were in synch…. on all stations…. Nice.

5) Of all the hijackers, no arab names are on any of the passenger lists, not one, none have video or so much as a picture of them entering the plane…. even after 7 to 9 have been found alive and well in the world…. the FBI has never given an updated assessment or account to this day nor formally charged Osama Bin Laden.

6) There are photos of the Pentagon on fire before there is a hole from being punctured by a huge airplane…. when the hole is finally shown… it is a small one showing no evidence of wings nor a tail structure impacting three walls totaling approx 9 feet of steel reinforced concrete that part of the pentagon was just updated with.  True to form no evidence, of people, luggage, chairs , wings, or fuselage of a passenger plane are ever shown in the hole supposedly created by the soft aluminum nosetip.

7)  Even though no building in the history of steel reinforced concrete skyscrapers has ever collapsed due to fire whether by jet fuel (which is just processed kerosene, not new and magical) or any other type of fire anywhere in the world….  those two buildings were able to fall to dust, dare say at near freefall speed, one in 9 seconds and the other in 11 seconds with steel and concrete disintegrating right before our eyes like magic, and effectively destroying a 7 building lease area and severe damage to two others with only four little wings of fuel that in hindsight did not carry a substance able to melt a BarBQ or medium sized tree.

8) 0;Lucky Larry” Silversteen renewed the leases on the WTC group of buildings less than 3 months before Sept 11, 2001 and “luckily” decided to hyper insure them and there surroundings in the case of terrorists attacks to the incredible sum over $4 billion which covered the buildings and many many dozens of cars/trucks that looked like they were hauled in from the junkyard without even license plates and some without interiors and motors.  All fully insured and replaced in this genius of an insurance scam.

9)   Vice President Cheney went on meet the Press and stated all the evidence connecting Osama Bin Laden to the 911 attacks didn’t…..pan out….
hmm…no one seemed to flinch about…. hay Afghanistan bombed to shit and overthrown or ding ding…Iraq invaded and over a million people slaughtered and countless men, women, and children seriously injured and made homeless….
Horribly, that isn’t just a movie.

10) My favorite factoid… that the actual computer graphics used on 911 have been decompiled and fine tooth combed over showing completely fake planes, impacts, and even, yes, even the supposed collapse footage all an animation cgi effect including buildings moved and missing (even the bridge location varies about a quarter mile….. with even smokey rocket trails added to falling rocks and debris for pizzazz….  that the very city shown on tv was all computer generated and that we have seen these effects many times in movies time and time again.  In my humble opinion this is because several studios and artists worked together but not under the same roof on this motion picture ruse.

11) Financing this beauty of a production isn’t hard to fathom…. The day before, yep, September 10th, Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld stood before Congress and stated $2.3 trillion was, oops, missing from the Pentagon budget.  Plenty of production money, building demo cost, replacement insurance and of course retirement hush money….. Talk and loose your multimillion dollar retirement egg…..

Officially called a false flag event…
Complete with fake researchers alleging nuclear weapons, and some touting magical mystery super duper energy weapons, one out there fascinates one with the joke of completed projected planes.  But he likes his TV spots  on FOX so like all the fakes…. They don’t update their stories with media fakery proof and pertinent evidence.
Evidence of total Direct TV media fakery is professionally, logically, and brilliantly substantiated at Septemberclues.info in hundreds of ways.
Brilliant work can be found at Therealnewsonline.com.
We can stand up and appreciate NO one died that day, breathing guilt free….
And it’s not the first time they “got us!”
Realize it was just a movie with no traceable deaths or even injuries…. Why would anyone stay or be allowed to stay in controlled demolitions? Duh!
Shanksville, Penn. showed no valid evidence a plane crashed, and the Pentagon, well, a physical impossibility with all direct evidence, especially perimeter crash video extracted and disappeared… Immediately.
There is no authenticated private pictures or video of the event  and most importantly…….
A sincere and thorough undergoing search for credible direct family (it’s been almost a decade and a half) and not one validated…
……and now the incredible truth of crisis actors is evidenced by simple YouTube searches.

Love and respect,
Michael McNeil


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