Simon Shack makes the Ellen show!

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Start at 1:43

Disclaimer:Lest anyone believe that the Simon Shack of we know builds furniture that gets ripped off by others, please be aware this is a different person. A jr. fakeologist who watches these clips sent it my way (and was confused) until I pointed out the different spelling of the name.

The designer seems to be German and his name is Simon Schacht (not

That said, exposing to Ellen’s huge audience would be a good thing.

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1 thought on “Simon Shack makes the Ellen show!

  1. PeterShea

    shiver me timbers, ab, you almost did!

    so another tim maybe rips off another simon Schacht’s work, (kidding)
    gets hisself knocked from whatever pedestal, and now does us the pleasure of eating crow.
    another ‘hero’ bites le dust.
    (Schacht sounds as seacht, the irish word for 7.)

    desk1: i’d like to come back as a horse the next life. how about you?
    desk2: a copycat.


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