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Chris talks about S1m0ne and 9/11

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Good content, bad audio, but worth struggling throw. We hear Paul from NY, KHam and Rochelle talk 9/11, and the movie S1m0ne.

Scientism, Denialism, Blind Faith, Appeals to Authority, True Believers, Institutionalism, Dupers Delight,Evolutionism, Global Warming,Surprise Call from Mickale from the International Space Station!, Bankers, Economic Collapse, Lindsey Williams, Alex ones, 9/11,Peter Schiff, Paul Craig Roberts, War Simulation, Hollywood and the Pentagon, Computer Graphics Imagery, MMPORG, Playstation, Xbox, The Titanic, Damon, Rochelle, KHammad, and Paul from New York on the call.

* Show Notes: hoaxbusterscall.blogspot.ca/20…



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