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Mis-remembering 9/11

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A funny article on an unlikely study, nevertheless reinforcing the 9/11 myth. Who cares if you can’t remember where you were on 9/11, as long as you remember that Osama sim Laden did it from his supercave.

In contrast to poor memory of personal details, Americans recalled the actual events of 9/11 remarkably well. Researchers found that the people surveyed recalled event information about 80% accurately at all time intervals after the initial survey. Some inaccurate memories tended to be corrected over time, likely a consequence of frequent media reports on the topic, Hirst says.

via Why 40% of Americans Misremember Their 9/11 Experience | TIME.

You can always email the author of the study if you want more details. www.newschool.edu/NSSR/faculty…

John Adams sent this exemplary article:

In this week’s series premiere of The Carrie Diaries, the new Sex and the City prequel that takes place in the 1980s, a teenaged Carrie Bradshaw is seen working and shopping in Lower Manhattan, presumably right near the World Trade Center, but there is no reference to the Twin Towers. Turns out that was a conscious decision, and one that echoes how the franchise has approached the iconic buildings since September 11, 2001.


History is being constantly rewritten.

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9/11 how they did it

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Hoi with another zinger on figuring out the 9/11 simulation. Was the famous

nose out

a mistake or deliberate?

You have no idea how stupid or arrogant they really are. You have no idea how the movie was created. End of story, mate. You may want to bless and sanctify the perps with “great intelligence” even though these are the same kinds of people whom you wouldn’t trust with any sort of position of power. But you claim it’s ridiculous to assume they can make a goofy mistake, which is what they have done over and over. (Don’t get into semantics with me now and tell me nobody makes a “mistake” because everything is fated, if you please, if that’s what you were implying!)


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Betsy McSim?

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Another top production quality video from Betsy, spreading Judy Wood dustify the towers disinfo.

Many speculated that Betsy was just a voice and icon, and soon after we get video of her mocking this claim.

Is this latest video enough to convince you that she’s a real person, and not a 2015 simulation of one? I’m not sure how much farther software has to progress before we can never tell,  but the only aspect I wanted to concentrate on in this shilly video was her.

The obvious focus is her mouth. Does it move in sync with her audio? Not precisely. What about the constant clipping and fast edits? There are no extended clips before we see an edit jump. Let’s look at her strategically placed glasses. Are they obscuring her eyes? Are her eyes opened or closed? Are they blinking enough? What about the reflections of the monitor in her glasses? Her eyebrows appear jumpy even without edits.

There is no doubt that there are no magical directed energy weapons that can dustify and disassociate steel and concrete. It’s a fantasy only for film. There is no doubt her videos are Hollywool quality, complete with mood altering background music.

The only question is: does the simulation extend to herself? If so, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her kind as the psyops continue.

Maybe Edward Snowsim can ask her on a date?

WTC 7 Video Fakery:

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