9/11 how they did it

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Hoi with another zinger on figuring out the simulation. Was the famous

nose out

a mistake or deliberate?

You have no idea how stupid or arrogant they really are. You have no idea how the movie was created. End of story, mate. You may want to bless and sanctify the perps with 0;great intelligence” even though these are the same kinds of people whom you wouldn’t trust with any sort of position of power. But you claim it’s ridiculous to assume they can make a goofy mistake, which is what they have done over and over. (Don’t get into semantics with me now and tell me nobody makes a “mistake” because everything is fated, if you please, if that’s what you were implying!)


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1 thought on “9/11 how they did it

  1. PeterShea

    hoi is way out on this one, curiously enough. and the aggressive manner with which he responds to observer is uncalled for. there are far too many basic errors included in the 9/11 presentation for it all to be anything but deliberate and completely contrived; from jane stanleys early reporting to still alive suicide bombers to the nose out slip to no plane in shanksville etc. etc. etc.
    just about every aspect within the narrative draws suspicion and is now easily deconstructed.

    as it was designed to be.

    ”what then?’ sang plato’s ghost. ‘what then?”

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