ep28-K Ham Radio w/Simon Shack

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K Ham Radio starts at 4:11pm Pacific time.

Guests: Delcroix, Rollo, Videre and Simon.


Listen live at s1.fakeologist.com or myradiostream.com/outsideradio

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13 thoughts on “ep28-K Ham Radio w/Simon Shack

  1. Henkus

    Still listening , however already felt i need to thank you guys for yet another great podcast.
    With another whole election media circus going on here (NL) i felt the need to listen to some ,what i consider, sane voices.

    Thanks for making these podcasts.

    1. khammad Post author

      You are welcome! I know what you mean about sane voices, I think that’s why I enjoy doing the broadcast. Gather all ye sane voices here in this forum.

  2. xileffilex

    What are you saying then?

    Organisms capture a certain amount of carbon-14 from the atmosphere when they are alive. By measuring the ratio of the radio isotope to non-radioactive carbon, the amount of carbon-14 decay can be worked out, thereby giving an age for the specimen in question.

    1. smj

      i’m saying c14 is as real as the plutonium, the americium, the berkelium, the californium, the einsteinium, the fermium, the mendelevium, the nobelium, and of course the seaborgium discovered at berkeley by glenn seaborg.

      the real pros use accelerator mass spectrometry to find those unstable little delusions we call c14 amongst all that “abundant neighboring mass” and whatnot.

      accelerator mass spec was dreamed up at berkeley as well. richard muller, one of the greatest living frauds, and mentor, luis fuckin alvarez, one of the greatest artistes of all time, are credited.

  3. FauxCapitalist

    Here is a summary I prepared of the show.


    22m – Simon joins
    23m – Eric Darton’s book, saying that everyone was evacuated from the WTC buildings after the 1993 bombing
    25m – He said didn’t find much evidence of deaths in the Social Security Death Index from the 1993 WTC bombing, that there was a thread in clues forum about it (only one of the six reported victims were found there — John DiGiovanni)
    – He asked, who wants to kill 3000 bankers?
    33m – BBC experts, John Schilling and Robert Schmucker — are they shills and schmucks?
    35m – Fake photographers and journalists
    40m – Fetzer’s gatekeeping – an early “no planer”, but never mentioned September Clues
    41m – He was contacted by Fetzer to come on his show
    43m – Hilarious atomic bomb test footage
    44m – French guy who made a film about him being on stage and taking his head
    46m – Getting harder to tell now, but you can still spot problems
    – He simulated a plane going into the towers after a few hours when he was first getting into this research
    47m – Question about whether they used state-of-the-art software or intentionally made things look bad
    – They put red herrings in on purpose
    49m – Said they put some squibs on the collapse footage – said he’s proven they are animations
    – In Loose Change, they used the squibs to make the case for controlled demolition – serves as candy for conspiracy theorists
    – K says she fell for it for awhile, and was amazed to think that they actually put them there on purpose
    50m – They had to make it explode from the top because an airplane hit the top
    – Conflicting information of squibs — not that many — 3 or 4 — red herrings for people to run after
    51m – In 2007, when he was producing September Clues, he wasn’t sure that 100% of the tower collapses were fake imagery
    – Confirmation bias – probably have psychologists running this psy-op
    52m – Faking of jumpers was a very important aspect, since it would “prove” that there were people in the towers
    54m – Said that was Michael Moore’s job, to make a movie for the theatres (implying he was controlled opposition, in order to make it out to be a Democrat-Republican thing, with Bush acting suspicious, but acting as a limited hangout)
    55m – Said, like all Europeans, we don’t like firearms
    – Admitted to being brainwashed
    57m – In Fahrenheit 9/11, as plane goes into building, screen goes blank, and he remembers the same clip in other footage, of a woman screaming “oh my God!”
    58m – When they do these psy-ops, they first release low-res videos and photos, so they can claim any problems are due to video compression, but then when it goes well, they release hi-res images
    59m – Suddenly, in 2010, NIST released hi-res videos of 9/11, because abc supposedly filed an FOIA request
    1h1m – 4 metre tall jumpers, when humans are normally only 2 metres — no human that tall
    – Hi-res images proved even more that the imagery was pre-fabricated
    1h2m – Some hi-res images were just better renderings of so-called amateur videos already put out by camera planet
    – Nice blue skies, and suddenly things looked more realistic
    – Sky on supposed live broadcasts are different colours – orange, green, yellow, grey
    1h4m – In one video, north face of tower has light on it, when in another from the same angle, it’s in shade
    1h6m – So easy for them to fool people with video fakery, because you have to sit down and really look at it
    1h8m – No way that best TV stations could have equipment that could allow strange sky colours from helicopters
    1h9m – They decided to have the Pentagon event, since they couldn’t have commercials
    – only CNN showed the collapse “live”
    1h10m – They said towers collapsed in 9 and 11 seconds, respectively – said they’re slapping our faces with such obviousness (Ed Note: this was the time they said the collapsing debris first hit the ground)
    1h11m – Video only showing half collapsed after the time NIST reported
    1h13m – Suspicious can zoom-in of “live” tower collapse
    – zooms in close, and stops zooming in just as tower starts collapsing
    – on 9/11, no street imagery shown “live”
    1h14m – No imagery of people running out of the buildings
    – Harley t-shirt guy, saying he saw the towers collapse, from structural failure
    1h15m – White baby powder of people’s faces
    – Said Rick Levanthal wasn’t there that morning, when it showed him supposedly on the street that day
    1h16m – Reporter who just happened to be near the towers just before the collapse
    1h18m – They had to show that in order to justify why there wasn’t much street action
    – Laughable video of crowd running away from dust cloud, saying it’s very much like something from a Hollywood movie
    1h19m – Smoke snaking its way around corners
    – Films made before 9/11, like Armageddon, look more realistic than 9/11
    1h20m – Where’s all the talent for this type of work? — in Hollywood
    1h21m – Said the work was done by operatives, not people like George Lucas
    1h22m – Said he considers 9/11 a gift, for giving themselves away, by overdoing it
    1h24m – Those who live near him, in his village, are onboard with what he’s doing
    1h26m – Norwegian guy who works with satellites, who nearly killed him one night
    1h31m – Says he doesn’t think a rocket can go any higher than about 100 km
    1h35m – Issue about not burning up when going up into the atmosphere, but only down into it
    – How is it that meteors burn up, but spaceship doesn’t?
    – What about friction going up?
    1h37m – Asked about the Van Allen Belt, simon called him “another clown”
    – Funny laugh by someone in the background
    1h39m – Walt Disney a great friend of Von Braun
    1h40m – First NASA administrator, was the former director of paramount studios
    1h42m – Good question about how can it be fake if it’s so complicated?
    1h47m – If rockets are so good now, why launch them from such remote locations? like in Guyana
    1h55m – Said there’s no lens that can have a good picture of something on earth from a satellite, and it makes more sense to have the picture from a plane or balloon
    1h58m – Said he doesn’t believe there are any satellites
    2h8m – Said it makes sense that chemtrails may be used to enhance communications
    – His friend who lives near the airport says he sees them everyday
    2h14m – We never heard of ISIS until last year
    2h26m – Bob McIlvaine
    2h27m – When he cries about his son allegedly dying on 9/11, he does it the same way every time
    2h29m – Questioned Abby Martin’s sincerity, and said she’s apparently a good friend of Dylan Avery of loose change
    – Saying she started weeping, without tears, talking about some Truther dying a few years ago (Michael Ruppert)
    2h30m – Crying the day her program was terminated, saying she was for truth
    – Called it fake crying
    2h33m – Buzz Aldrin living a lie
    – The suspicious Apollo 11 post-mission press conference, with them looking nervous
    2h34m – He was afraid to lose credibility by talking about the Moon landings being faked, but then figured he’d lose credibility by not talking about it as being fake
    2h37m – Suspicious Harrison Ford plane crash story, conveniently around the time of a new film release
    2h51m – Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize
    3h13m – Video anomaly with planes, where dashcam 1 and dashcam 2 positions are 60 metres apart, yet the plane is in the same place in the background

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  5. smj

    the igy was dreamed up in van allen’s house, over his wife’s chocolate cake we are told. van allen is known for his belts and satellites, but people seem to forget that he was directly involved with the byrd missions to the south pole before and after the igy and that the igy led directly to the antarctic treaty. the treaty that leaves the south pole to science because scientists are trustworthy–what’s not to trust; they review their peers and whatnot, right?


    1. richard benedict

      Ab, would you please consider interviewing smj to discuss these issues. I have listened to him on your original interview Ep. 119 and I have listened to smj on Hoax Busters Call with Chris Kendall. smj is a sui genris in this field of fakeology and IMHO is imperative we record what he knows for posterity.

      Smj, I am a high school teacher and I have used videos you suggested in my classes eg. Heinz von Foerster video on “Autopoetics” where he lets slip the truth on “the hustle.”, Explorer One fake launch, NASA first administrator, RFK sister on the podium. If you have any other materiel you think I could show my students I would be grateful. If any other fakeologists have any material please let me know. For the students that understand you should see the light come over them when they learn these things. A suggested topic Ab could discuss with you could be DNA. When you discuss the hustle at the university regarding nuclear science, I had the same experience at both the undergraduate and graduate level regarding the The Great Hoax of Beginning Reading Instruction in America. Just substitute the word “beginning reading instruction” for “nuclear science” and the dynamics are the same. I will be posting more detail on this hoax in the forum. It involves G. Stanly Hall, Skull and Bones, Yale, University, Johns Hopkins etc.

      smj once asked “Are we underestimating how deep the hustle goes?” Yes ,IMO, we are. Ab please interview smj again and myself and other fakeologists may chime in and explore the depths of the hustle.

      1. smj

        richard, i appreciate you sticking your neck out there by trying to teach your kids to think for themselves. it’s a honor that you think my stuff can help.
        i’ll do a dna show with ab after he does his critical mass interview; i’m looking forward to that one.

        xile, all i know about c14 is that it was discovered at berkeley; and that a berkeley man, bill libby, created the radiocarbon dating technique. the story goes that it is created by cosmic rays (something else i don’t believe in) bumping into nitrogen, but the c14 supposedly produced by cosmic rays only produce about 1 part in trillion of atmospheric carbon.

        bill was really good at building super-sensitive geiger counters we’re told. he was also smart enough to account for the supposed increase in the supposed radioisotope c14 resulting from nuclear tests. his ole lady, leona woods marshall, worked fermi’s pile of shit in ci cago with her first husband, john marshall (marshall as in chief justice marshall). after she married bill she got into the tree ring game and environmentalism.

        here’s bill’s nobel speech: www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prize…

        here bill gives us his cosmology/theology, if anyone out there knows who introduces him in this lecture let me know:

    2. xileffilex

      Haven’t had time to listen yet [I sound like the excellent PShea responding to a Fetzer show!] but, SMJ, in a scientific albeit noo clear vein, I was wondering about the origin of the mid 50s C-14 spike. I don’t see it mentioned anywhere on CF or here. Have you any thoughts? There was another in 775 AD
      Looking forward to listening to ep28 when I get some a free period.

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