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Videre meets Frank

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The talk always gets salty but an interesting interaction among two Goldbug analysts.


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A shill and a schmuck

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Here’s a funny script from an almost certainly sim BBC columnist, describing how the nukes on display on parade in North Korea might be fake. As Simon said on the latest KHam radio, the perps who make up the whole nuke hoax script, creating layer upon layer of deception, have a sense of humor to say the least (as they mock the public).

The more I think about the divided Korea, the more I think it was simply created to be an Asian area of division and false-fighting. The victims, as usual, are the people. There is no real reason for two Koreas, other than to create tension and fuel arms sales, not to mention help propagate the nuclear myth.

But now attention has switched back to the missiles themselves, for, after a careful study of images from the parade, two German missile experts, Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker, have published a paper suggesting that the North Korean missiles are fakes – elaborate mock-ups and not the real thing.

via BBC News – New ICBM missiles at North Korea parade ‘fake’.

Another link:


With sim sounding authors:

Real Fake Missiles: North Korea’s ICBM Mockups Are Getting Scary Good

By Jeffrey Lewis and John Schilling

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Guards guarding guards

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Good roundtable (yes,  including JeffC)  on Canada’s wimpy psyops supporting our very own anti terror legislation.

We’ll Do it LIVE: The REAL Alternative Podcast (ep 31- SCROOGLE EDITION!): youtu.be/JO7qqrUdstc

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Audiochat – March 12, 2015

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Who? Ab, Ro11o Download

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