Audiochat – March 17, 2015

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Who? Ab, The Gulo, Delcroix

What? Ab tries again to clarify his Dallas Goldbug position with The Gulo, who hails from Norway



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5 thoughts on “Audiochat – March 17, 2015

  1. anounceofsaltperday

    A really incisive interrogation by MATW aka The Gulo on the objections that Tim has to DGB.

    I am grateful to both Tim and The Gulo for this clarification

    1. marksman

      DGB seems like a scam, his tone of voice, his arrogance, the volume of his “matches”, the obvious majority of them being fake. Even if 1% of what he says is true I don’t think he is worth anybody’s time. I don’t understand why you give him even an ounce of credit in salt as a legit truther. Just my opinion.

  2. babette

    If the guest The Gulo speaks French I recommend he listens to Docteur Plantey – L’arnaque du Cholestérol et autres mises en danger de la vie par l’alimentation about the cholestoral scam. Dr Plantey also mentions the benefits of the right salt in the diet etc.


    1. MATW

      Hi babette,
      I’m sorry that I can’t speak nor read almost any French. Thanks for the recommendation though – maybe I can find something in English.

      The Gulo

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