Betsy and that Rock feller

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Betsy McSim goes over some of the curious numerology distraction while repeating the 0;mass murder of 3000” and “the evil Rockefeller”  mantras.

I think she may even follow fakeologist as she addresses the reverse book covers.

Study her face and the fast edits and see if you see some sim qualities.  Perhaps she can address this in her next video (wonder why she is now forcussed on 9/11?)

Rockefeller GLOATS About 9/11 in 1967!:

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4 thoughts on “Betsy and that Rock feller

  1. khammad

    This video adds two more possible birth dates for Jesus: April 3, year 33 and September 11, year 3.

    The Domer, Mark Sargent, speaks of how God put this enormous glass dome over the flat earth.

    Is there a current campaign to disorient Christians?

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