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Audiochat – March 19, 2015

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9/11 ticks on

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The ongoing 9/11 soap opera continues on, becoming more outrageous by the year.

Matthew David Yarnell’s Voices of 9/11 page

Nearly 14 years after the September 11 attacks on New York, the remains of a victim from the neighboring state of New Jersey has finally been identified.

The New York medical examiner identified the man as Matthew David Yarnell, who was aged 26 when he died in the al-Qaeda attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

What could these magical new innovations in “science” be?

Tests are ongoing on the remains and developments in science in recent years have helped make new identifications.

via American 9/11 victim identified, nearly 14 years on – Telegraph.

This little silly gem – smack me with a paper towel roll, all night long!


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Rick on the Phoenix shooting

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An anniversary shooting in Arizona, perhaps to remind everyone of the famous Gabby Giffords shooting, occurred, and our fakeologist favorite Rick Potvin in Phoenix sent me his comments:

 Hi AB– I confess I
haven’t been keeping up with your blog but I had to send
you this little bit of news I just found….

Last Ever London PM Gold Fix
Set at $1166
BullionVault? – 45 minutes
LONDON’S final PM Gold Fix was set
today at $1166 per ounce, ending a process running formally
twice each day since 1919 with a 15-year break during
and .

MY comment– They
changed the way they price gold and of COURSE, that last
price $1166 has 11 in it and a pair of 6’s… which are
both elements of Illuminati code, I’m sure you’d
agree. What an amazing coincidence eh? This indicates (to
me) that “they” control the price of gold down to
that last dollar.

NOTICED that the previous process began in
“1919”– again two “ones” and two
“upsidedown 6’s”…. 1919….1166….
19191166…..11116666….6+1 four times is 7777…. Of
course this numerology nuttiness can drive us nuts– but
couldn’t contain myself this morning and I knew YOU of
all people would understand. Thanks for understanding and
letting me get that off my chest.

Rick Potvin, an increasingly busy piano player
for retirement residences who takes hoax news in stride now
after hoax training at SeptemberClues, Fakeology and
NoDisinfo (which blames “arch-Zionists”– whatever
that is).

PS. There’s
a great update on the shooting of “6” people in
“phoenix”– just a few miles away from where I
live yesterday— at NoDisinfo.com. I noted, on our local
news here, the following points (all by my self!)….

1. The actor who played the
shooter had godawful face tatoos in his mug shot, but they
were gone as reporters filmed him being walked into the
jailhouse. (a “blooper”?)

2. The paid witness actors who pretended to
cry– making cry-baby faces with puckered lower jaw but no
redness or tears around the eyes.

3. The actor who played the shooter was filmed
being led from the place he was captured, wearing a white
isolation type biological hazard suit. The fakenews reporter
said police put that on him to preserve blood and hair
samples that might be on him. I’ve never seen that
before. I guess they figure if he shot up “6”
people, that the “splatter-splash” could be
matched to the victims, proving he did it. CSI teams
couldn’t take samples off him upon his arrest?

4. I asked my neighbour who I
met in the front yard this morning if he watched the local
news on that– his son had and he had not. I said it’s a
hoax, you know– a drill– just to push gun control. The
high school kid said “Really?” (I woke him up
possibly)… and his dad laughed and carried on his way. I
asked 4 guys I see and talk to in the coffee shop if
they’d seen it. They nodded. I said “It’s a
hoax, you know- a drill– just to get gun control”…
That was met with normally talkitive friendly strangers into
dead silence. The one guy I said that too looked down at his
Ipad and ignored me. The next 3 seconds continued in silence
before I took leave. I told the UPS shop guy I know, as I
finished making my copies of the NoDisinfo.com article for
handout randomly– it’s a hoax, you know– to promote
gun control. He rolled his head back in a laugh… a big
laugh … AAA hhha ha ha ha ha … trailing off into a
chuckle. Nothing more was said– except a

friendly see you later.

I wish I
could go on with you again but I’m under work pressure
right now. It’s great to exercise our extemporaneous
speaking skills but I’m being steered (by fate) to do
that in music right now. This email report should suffice.
Feel free to quote my by my real name if you want on your
show– referencing me in Phoenix. Or, if you like– use
whatever you can under your own name. Information wants to
be free. Truth cannot be owned. It’s just “out
there”. We all help it bubble to the surface in ways we
can’t even know right now.

ok– rick (I liked your flat earth material).

* * *

Update 3/22/15

Re: “The Mesa Shooting Spree of March 2015”


I live in Phoenix, the greater part of which includes Mesa. It occurred to me that in talking to people around town here in Phoenix / Mesa yesterday, that the fact that “they had the guy who did it” meant that the event was all over. Another person said “they’ll have him locked up for life”– as if that’s the end of the story. It already seems to have been resolved– because they “have the guy”. Two people told me that– and that ended our short conversations that I initiated on the topic.

In other words, it’s important to the hoax-script-writers to be sure to end the narrative with the villian being caught– just like in any good one hour TV drama. Somehow that has a way of working itself into the ordinary person’s mind as a “package deal” that needs no further processing. The “Mesa shooting spree” is now imprinted as a finished thread in the brain’s wiring, a foundation block for an agenda (gun control). Gun control advocates can now refer to “The Mesa Shooting Spree” episode in the same way they refer to “The Gaby Gifford Shooting” as a reference point to argue that this is what happens without gun control. “Colombine” , “The Aurora Batman Theatre Movie Shooting” , “Sandy Hook” and others are all of the same genre, it seems to me. In every case, “they got the guy”, alive or dead. It’s as if the same script writers are moving from town to town putting on this “circus”. The formula is always the same– just like in 1 hour TV dramas.

Watch 2 minute video here   www.youtube.com/watch?v=fonjfD…

My comment on the above video:
“Four different shooting scenes” and “the video is so compelling” are phrases that seem to me more connected with producing a movie than being associated with news reporting. Since when is video of a serial shooting “compelling”? Doesn’t “compelling” mean “convincing” or “believable”? It’s as if the reporter is telling the viewer “I’m sure you’ll agree that what we’ve created as a fake news event here is pretty good… it’s compelling… it’s riveting… “. This is a type of psychological blooper I think– because she’s not supposed to be enjoining the viewing audience in a critical review of the hoaxters’ movie making skills. It seems to me she was not able to fully descend into the “virtual reality” of the “made-for-tv-reality”.  I think she must have heard the briefing seminars for the production where the word “compelling” would be used by producers behind-the-scenes. She must have accidentally re-used the behind-the-scenes word for the “audience”
since “news” is ASSUMED to be “compelling” or “believable”. News reporters don’t usually have to worry about whether news is believable or compelling. MOVIE MAKERS do.

Compelling – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster …
very interesting : able to capture and hold your attention. : capable of causing someone to believe or agree. : strong and forceful : causing you to feel that you ..

And it’s ironic that  “shooting scenes” can be applied to movie making too since movies are said to be “shot”– as in “let’s shoot a movie”.


Note that the  ABC15 reporter explaining the diagram is in a GREEN DRESS (green clothing is often used in previous hoaxes I think– notice the dark green jacket of the reporter who opens the piece and the green clothing on the people do the interview behind him).

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