Audiochat – March 19, 2015

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Who? Ab, Frank, Eric, JiminChina, Del, Rochelle


<16:11:21> 0;anounceofsaltperday”:
<16:31:18> “JiminChina”: frank?
<16:32:12> “anounceofsaltperday”: hey Jim
<16:32:25> “anounceofsaltperday”: you might have to ask Tim for talking rights
<16:32:28> “JiminChina”: hi frank
<16:33:35> “anounceofsaltperday”:
<16:33:58> “JiminChina”: dear canadian jesus, please give me talking rights….please?
<16:34:52> “Ab on the go”: You have it
<16:34:52> “JiminChina”: thank you alanis
<16:42:47> “JiminChina”: thanks tim
<16:51:14> “JiminChina”: brb too
<16:55:02> “JiminChina”: im back
<17:01:07> “anounceofsaltperday”:
<17:05:39> “JiminChina”: i cant hear
<17:31:19> “JiminChina”: have fun at the salt mines frank
<17:31:35> “anounceofsaltperday”: thanks Jim
<18:10:13> “Eric”: Dinner time. Thanks guys.
<18:10:35> “Ab on the go”: Thanks Eric
<18:46:24> “delcroix”:…
<18:48:55> “delcroix”: turn it on jan
<18:49:03> “delcroix”: unmute


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