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Paint on blood, and other nuggets

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Another good Russianvid:

Who is this Judy Clark? Is she a real lawyer, an actress, or a sim?

What a stellar list of sim-clients, including Zacarias Moussaoui and the latest sim-sensation, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

She has negotiated plea agreements that spare her clients the death penalty, as was the case for Eric Rudolph, Ted Kaczynski, and Jared Lee Loughner. In the case of Susan Smith, Clarke argued to the jury that ultimately voted against imposing the death penalty.

I guess this makes the Susan Smith case a made-for-TV-simulated case. That one had me going. To think I was so addicted to the Larry Kill Live fake-court-case-a-month show.


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Christopher and Dana Reeve – DCP?

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Chris’ last call brought up the many coincidences surrounding the alleged paralysis and death of Superman actor Christopher Reeve, including a movie that came out just two days before he fell off a horse and became paralyzed like his character in the movie, Above Suspicion.

So much was going on at the time and thereafter, including the ongoing stem cell debate to help in spinal cord research. Reeve was deep in it, bring his magical celeb powers to the cause.

Michael J. Fox is the other high profile character that appears to be faking it, with the possibility of Mohammad Ali as well.

A few magic numbers in the deaths of both he and his wife as well.

Eighteen hours later, on October 10, 2004, Reeve died of cardiac arrest[93] at the age of 52. His doctor, John McDonald, believed that it was an adverse reaction to the antibiotic that caused his death.[94]

A memorial service for Reeve was held at the Unitarian Church in Westport, Connecticut, which his wife attended.[95][96]

His wife, Dana Reeve, headed the Christopher Reeve Foundation after his death. She was diagnosed with lung cancer on August 9, 2005, and died at age 44 on March 6, 2006.[97]

via Christopher Reeve – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Here’s a satire link to add to the confusion and further the deception.

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Depends-able call

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Good listen towards the end.

Ayn Rand, Police Brutality, Are the Police Really Necessary?, Media Manipulation and Coordination, The Depends Trend, Lifetime Actors, James Brady, Gabrielle Giffords, Flat Earth Theory, Ancient Aliens, Superman, Zachariah Sitchen, Michael Heiser,Rochelle, Paul and John Adams on the call.


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An awakening and a blog

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I’ll have to have James back on radio.fakeologist.com to tell his 9/11 story. It’s much like mine  (he appeared twice I believe, see here). I found his blog via a referral link. I’ll be showing all sites that link here on the right.

Anyway, its been over 2 years since that day and my views haven’t really changed but more have expanded on this concept. I have realised that 9/11 was the tip of the iceberg in this world, the method of faking footage and events is deeper and darker than I could have every realised. This was mostly because of a link I found in clues form. The first is Fakeologist (then known as wake up with Ab), who dealt with 9/11 almost exclusively, then through him I found Markus Allen, then through him I found Chris Kendall. With these two I found out more about this world, the system, fakery, and everything in between. Hopefully I will start adding to this blog soon, but there is a bit of background information on my awaking process. It took a day, and it was a hell of a day.

via 9/11 and Media Fakery.

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Audiochat – March 23, 2015

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Who? Ab, Unreal

What? Flat Earth and Mark Sargent


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