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I’ll have to have James back on to tell his story. It’s much like mine  (he appeared twice I believe, see here). I found his blog via a referral link. I’ll be showing all sites that link here on the right.

Anyway, its been over 2 years since that day and my views haven’t really changed but more have expanded on this concept. I have realised that 9/11 was the tip of the iceberg in this world, the method of faking footage and events is deeper and darker than I could have every realised. This was mostly because of a link I found in clues form. The first is Fakeologist (then known as wake up with Ab), who dealt with 9/11 almost exclusively, then through him I found , then through him I found Chris Kendall. With these two I found out more about this world, the system, , and everything in between. Hopefully I will start adding to this blog soon, but there is a bit of background information on my awaking process. It took a day, and it was a hell of a day.

via 9/11 and Media Fakery.

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