Audiochat – March 23, 2015

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Who? Ab,

What? and Mark Sargent


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7 thoughts on “Audiochat – March 23, 2015

  1. UNreal

    a provocative book on Polar Fraud

    How Three American Heroes (Cook, Peary, and Byrd) Duped the World into Thinking They Had Reached the North Pole, by Anthony Galvin

  2. UNreal


    North Pole:
    Many explorers came close to the north pole, but most famous was Frederick Cook and Robert Peary who both claimed they discovered the North Pole in 1908/1909
    — Frederick A. Cook claimed to have reached the North Geographic Pole on April 21, 1908
    — US Navy engineer Robert Peary claimed to have reached the Pole on 6 April 1909
    -Both expeditions are suspect of fraud……
    -Frederick A. Cook was also famous for faking the 1906 ascent of Denali in Alaska…

    South Pole:
    As with the North Pole, there was a “race to discover the South Pole” as well, this time between Amundsen & Scott. Robert Falcon Scott lost out to Amundsen but became the most famous of the two. Scott arrived at the Pole 33 days after Amundsen, and perished with his team on his way back 3/30 (1912). there is a continual production of culture around Scott, the propaganda under is a non-exhaustive list;
    -Scott Polar Research Institute & Museum in Cambridge
    -Scott’s Hutt, preserved from 1911 & included on the World Monuments Watch…
    -Last letter from Scott discovered 101 years later:…
    -Thaw reveals photographer’s notebook from Scott’s hut…
    -Remake of Scott’s expedition 100 years later
    In addition to being a great explorer, Scott was also known to have spent 3 months in jail in 1853 for the fraud of re-writing Mozart’s original Symphony no 39.…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      UNreal said:

      ”In addition to being a great explorer, Scott was also known to have spent 3 months in jail in 1853 for the fraud of re-writing Mozart’s original Symphony no 39.”

      Crikey UNreal, considering he was born in 1868, that is remarkable!
      We see UNreal is relying on Uncyclopedia!

      That aside, always good to hear from our man in Paris.

      1. UNreal

        You’re right, i should not trust UNcyclopedia !
        lol, everybody should toss out that thieving fact now i guess !

        disregarding UNcyclopedia, WikiPedia has Scott living 1868–1912, and an intersting fact is that he married Kathleen Bruce in 1908 who had studied under Auguste Rodin in Paris and whose circle included Isadora Duncan, Pablo Picasso and Aleister Crowley.
        it does nevertheless seem that the ‘Pole’ expeditions are part of an operation… the North Pole expeditions clearly were ridden with falsehoods, so it would be quite astounding if this was not the case for the South pole as well. Amundsen, the ‘victor’, was supposed to go to North pole initially. Upon the announcement of Peary & Cook however, he changed his focus to the South pole.

  3. MATW

    Nice talk guys,

    Inspecting Fakeologist’s scope of attention:

    Sargent stated in the recent roundtable that his personal views haven’t changed much during his so-called awakening.

    This is where the way he rolls out his videos gets suspicious.

    He knew all along that he was going to wind up with angles of god, soul, and creation etc..

    Getting media fakery arousal first – then leading off into the existential mine field, ought to be more than enough derailing to be disqualified by the strict informational aesthetics of this respected blog.

    EDIT: Wanted to say thanks for the invite to join the discussion, but I was without the possibility of microphone usage. Hope to come along next time.

    1. ab Post author

      Not sure what you are getting at Gulo. Mark is new on the scene, Goldbug isn’t. Time will reveal Mark’s intentions. It will be difficult for Mark to pull the wool over our collective eyes if that is his ultimate intention.

      1. MATW

        Let’s ask him then. Saves us the time while he tells. If there is anything to be found out beneath an eventual shell of disinfo, doesn’t it still fall into the same category as Chiarini?

        Can anyone here please direct me to one of the “several other websites or forums where one freely can discuss DGB”? Links to specific places/threads are appreciated. And obviously not within the circles of known shills.

        The Gulo

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