Christopher and Dana Reeve – DCP?

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Chris’ last call brought up the many coincidences surrounding the alleged paralysis and death of Superman actor Christopher Reeve, including a movie that came out just two days before he fell off a horse and became paralyzed like his character in the movie, Above Suspicion.

So much was going on at the time and thereafter, including the ongoing stem cell debate to help in spinal cord research. Reeve was deep in it, bring his magical celeb powers to the cause.

Michael J. Fox is the other high profile character that appears to be faking it, with the possibility of Mohammad Ali as well.

A few in the deaths of both he and his wife as well.

Eighteen hours later, on October 10, 2004, Reeve died of cardiac arrest[93] at the age of 52. His doctor, John McDonald, believed that it was an adverse reaction to the antibiotic that caused his death.[94]

A memorial service for Reeve was held at the Unitarian Church in Westport, Connecticut, which his wife attended.[95][96]

His wife, Dana Reeve, headed the Christopher Reeve Foundation after his death. She was diagnosed with lung cancer on August 9, 2005, and died at age 44 on March 6, 2006.[97]

via Christopher Reeve – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Here’s a satire link to add to the confusion and further the .

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3 thoughts on “Christopher and Dana Reeve – DCP?

  1. Tom Dalpra

    On injuries to famous people via fake accidents, there was the supposed head injury and induced coma of F1 driver Jules Bianchi last summer. I was happy in the end to call that fake as we looked at it here:…

    In view of that investigation, I know they do it. I know they fake serious injuries.
    That crash looked oh-so-convincing and ‘no-one’ would ever suspect, but we looked and we looked again and we saw enough: it had to be staged.

    So, right up-to-date on-going, there’s a minor celebrity one for you.
    Jules Bianchi.…

    That one got me thinking about a more famous motor racer and another, perhaps trendy, head injury.
    Michael Schumacher……

    Yeh, quite rgos, ”The hoaxes! The hoaxes!”

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Yeh, I remember that film Above Suspicion. I liked it, I seem to remember. It had something about it…a neat tricksy ending,
    Reeve is a paralysed cop in it and I kinda ‘remembered’ that he’d made the movie after he had his accident. But, oh no, not at all as Chris points out.

    Release Date for Above Suspicion? May 25th 2005

    Date of Reeve’s accident? May 27th 2005

    Wow. That almost feels like enough to ‘seal the deal’ that his accident was faked. It may not be of course, but just as we got news that Reeve was paralysed this movie was hitting the cinemas? With what we now know it looks credible that the whole thing was a further acting job for Superman. Weird old world…
    I’ll have to go back and watch that movie again.

    Xileffilex called-out a UK BBC Terrorism specialist called Frank Gardner as a possible wheelchair actor. This BBC man is supposed to have lost the use of his legs as a result of an attack by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists in 2004. It’s a strong image a wheelchair isn’t it?

    Here’s the thread :…

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