You learn how to control your concentration

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After watching this movie, the concept of telling people how the is done could not have been more clear.
There is little doubt in my mind that a well crafted script, like this movie, was created for Christopher Reeve’s final public years. The movie could not have been more obvious in its timing or story.

Please watch for yourself and then examine his subsequent public appearances (there doesn’t have to be that many to create an indelible impression) for signs of fakery.

This case may have been the best celebrity illness ever. It certainly warrants further research.

above suspicion.80,s movie:

(the movie is a good thriller with a hot young Kim Cattrel in it as well).

Reeve’s last interview:

Here’s a clip shortly after the accident (3:11!) where he talks Kubrick, nukes, talking about the power of film.

Interview with LKL, featuring breathing machine sound effects.

Larry reflects on the 0;irony” of his role in Above Suspicion at 20:18

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3 thoughts on “You learn how to control your concentration

    1. ab Post author

      That photo is so up close it’s gross. Yes, the missing facial hair adds to the effect. There’s no doubt in my mind he faked it and was one of the better ones at it.


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