Germanwings Kamikaze Pilot Hoax fallout

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An almost instantaneous (worldwide) solution to what appears to be a hoax.

The federal government has issued an emergency order requiring Canadian airlines to have two crew members in the cockpit at all times.

via Canadian airlines must have two crew in cockpit at all times | Toronto Star.

has a big thread on this latest plane 0;disaster”.….


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2 thoughts on “Germanwings Kamikaze Pilot Hoax fallout

  1. xileffilex…

    Raymond Selke said he was too distraught to discuss the lives of his wife and daughter or why they were aboard the flight, but the family released a brief statement asking for time to heal.

    At this difficult time we respectfully ask for privacy….

    as always. [question – who is “the family” which always issues statements in these psy-ops? Is Raymond not “family”? He’s as close as you can get.

    Good media doggie.


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    Days after the horrifying Germanwings airplane crash, the number of unanswered questions surrounding the flight has only grown.

    Now, in a surprising development, can reveal that American victim Yvonne Selke was working on a top-secret Pentagon project at the time of the crash, and her husband has come forward insisting he has a “duty” to share the truth about what happened.

    Raymond Selke, 65, lost his wife, Yvonne, 57, and 23-year-old daughter, Emily, in the disastrous crash and opened up exclusively to Radar in the hopes of spreading the truth.
    Selke said he had a “duty” to speak out about his wife, who was working on a $315 million project for the Pentagon as a Booz Hamilton employee at the time of her death.
    Specifically, she worked with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.
    What’s more, Selke hinted that his wife’s brother had “connections” to those in power, and had initially alerted him to the crash. “I’m not going to give any particulars,” Selke said. “I am not getting into that.”

    And with that, he was gone, leaving behind just the aroma of limited hang-out


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