Editing out the 9/11 screamers history

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There’s real proof that cluesforum.info research is having an effect! Why is this important? You can bet that all the feedback they get from the hoax, 14 years back, is being taken into account when creating the fake stories of the latest hoax, Germanwings 9525.

1: – We have been on the right track all along

(the 0; victims” database is a digitally-created sham – a monstrous “photoshop photoslop album” of fictitious / phony victims. The perps have been caught with their pants down and are now ‘scrambling’ to do something about it).

2: – The 9/11 ‘Hoax-Maintenance Perp Crew’ (HMPC) is a pretty damn stoopid / inept lot

(for them to simply remove the 0;offending” images / photoslops – while leaving ‘placeholders / broken photo links’ of the said images ! :rolleyes: – has to be the lamest ‘coverup attempt’ ever made, and provides us with the / most flagrant admission of guilt imaginable.)

…then nothing ever will.



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