ep140-Clues Quiz #3-The Nuke Hoax

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When? Sunday, March 29, 2015 4:44pm EDT

Who? Simon, Hoi, Critical Mass, Khammad, Frank, Delcroix plus a few other contestants.


Calutron Girls:


Leó Szilárd (Hungarian: Szilárd Leó; German: Leo Spitz until age 2; February 11, 1898 – May 30, 1964) was a Hungarian-American physicist and inventor.



The prizes are not real, everyone’s a winner, and everyone is encouraged to do their own research on all topics, anyway — the hosts do not guarantee facts are factual, or information is informational. Relax from the pressure to believe anything, especially what you are told, and have some fun with Ab and Hoi (and Simon?)!

3 contestants answer 11 mysterious multiple-choice questions in the CluesQuiz

Contestants get 3 questions each.

Then, the 10th question is given to the contestant with the least points

The 11th is the magic question, which basically means it’s a trick

On a turn, the contestant can do whatever they need to do to answer, including call a friend, use the Internet, speculate, make something up, ask the hosts for a hint or whatever. If contestants are unsure, they can always choose the answer “The premise of the question is false” for 1 pt. Other correct answers receive 2 pts. This week’s prizes are:

1st Prize: Take a powerful ride with Elon Musk in his new Model S.E.X. rocket to planet Venus.
2nd Prize: A hand-crafted, micro-nuke (guaranteed not to blow you up, minimal assembly required) and signed by Jim Fetzer using a NASA-developed directed energy pen

3rd Prize: A Laurel Canyon-produced video of you and JFK in sunglasses walking toward the camera in slow motion, as a nuclear explosion goes off behind you.

(Let’s start by introducing contestants. We could ask them how they stumbled upon this web site and how they chose their handle or user name.)

Q1: What is the name of the only character officially recognized by the Japanese government as having survived both nuclear bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki — and before passing away (at age 93), what famous Hollywood director was said to have visited his bedside in hospital??

A: Double A-bomb survivor Omigada Tuatomo was visited by Steven Spielberg

B: Double A-bomb survivor Tsutomu Yamaguchi was visited by James Cameron

C: Double A-bomb survivor Toni Abotsu was visited by Michael Bay

Correct answer: B

Hollywood has always been an integral part of the nuclear hoax, and continues to be to this day.

Q2: In a New York Times article from 2010 about James Cameron’s science advisor on “The Titanic”, Charles Pellegrino, how does Mr. Pellegrino report Japanese survivors with “blind, good fortune” recommend future escapes from the “gamma and infrared death rays” of an A-bomb attack?

A- You should find “natural shock cocoons”

B- You should “duck” just in time

C- You should “wear white clothes” to reflect rays of radiation

D – All of the above

Most correct answer: D

The article reports that Mr. Pellegrino writes:

Many people reported that the smell of burning human flesh was “quite similar to the scent of squid when it was grilled over hot coals,” […]“with a few pieces of sweet pork thrown alongside.” survivors saw everywhere […] men and women who “were now eyeless and faceless — with their heads transformed into blackened alligator hides displaying red holes, indicating mouths … The alligator people did not scream. Their mouths could not form the sounds. The noise they made was worse than screaming. They uttered a continuous murmur — like locusts on a midsummer night.

Q3: Which building for what organization is said to have survived the Hiroshima explosion?

A: The Korean slave quarters, though 900 Korean slaves inside vaporized without a trace

B. The Red Cross building, belonging to the same organization that analyzed and diagnosed all the unidentified “A-bomb radiation” victims.

C: The Western Industry Promotion Hall, where a model of the Enola Gay – the airplane used to drop the bomb – was ironically displayed behind untarnished glass.

Correct answer: B

Though actually deaths are confusingly a huge range (from 140,000 total dead to 200,000 instantly “vaporized” dead with many more following), as the story goes, and there is more proof of Korean slaves used as comfort women than there is for nuclear weapons, it is the Red Cross building that miraculously survived the bombing, to immediately come into use as head-quarters for the supposed victims. There was no miniature Enola Gay. We made it up. However, there really was a (non Western-specific) “Industry Promotion Hall” whose dome was apparently below the epicenter of the Hiroshima bomb’s explosion, and its dome is dumbly said to have miraculously not fared too badly. The current official story is that it blew up 600 meters above the Industrial Promotion Hall, which – like the A-Bomb explosion video – resembles a dome. Other stories mention Shima Hospital, but given 600 meters is so far above the Earth, one could argue that it was above both at the same time. Indeed, at such a distance, it doesn’t matter where the bomb actually was. So why their insistence and focus on a building with the name “Industry Promotion”? Is this sly admittance of one true purpose of the war?

Q4: Documents now reveal that in early 1945, half of Japan was militaristically cut off from its citizenry before the divine-sounding wrath of project “trinity” was released upon the Japanese public. The southwest mainland was split by military forces along the Suzuka Mountain Range (supposedly “in anticipation of the country being divided”) At this time, the 2nd General Army HQ was Hiroshima itself. Then, dummy A-Bombs nicknamed ‘pumpkins’ were dropped on dozens of cities along Japan’s southeastern coast terrorizing the citizenry. Much of Hiroshima itself was actually scheduled for demolition work when the so-called bomb hit. Which country’s military censored data about all these suspicious events?

A- Japan

B- The United States of America

C- England

Correct answer: A, B or C

The official British-enforced press code was established in September, 1945. In this code a few weeks after the “A-Bomb” story was getting spread, artists and journalists faced severe prosecution for reporting anything outside the approval of the British conquerers. Strict censorship has been enforced on the A-Bomb issue since. Even the Hiroshima museum admits that the “psychological pressure on authors was immense” without explaining what the terms of this pressure consisted or consists of.

Q5: In Dave McGowan’s startling reports of Laurel Canyon — a military-only film department using cutting edge special effects that “processed” all the nuclear bomb footage— what organization is said to have actually run the place?


C: The U.S. Air Force

D: The U.S. Actors Guild

Correct answer: C

It is also known for retaining or otherwise employing hundreds of producers, directors and actors on site including John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Howard Hawks, Ronald Reagan, Bing Crosby, Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe and producing more films than Hollywood.

Q6. The first test screening of “Dr Strangelove” — in which all the Laurel Canyon bomb explosions were shown together in a string — was originally scheduled for what day?

A: November 22, 1963 – the day of the JFK shooting.

B: July 20, 1963 – six years to the day before the first “moon landing”

C: December 23, 1963 – an early cynical Christmas present for the American people

Correct answer: A

Note: As the story goes, a final scene of Kubrick’s “Dr Srangelove” movie was hastily deleted in the immediate aftermath of the alleged JFK shooting. The scene featured a cream-pie fight inside the American war command center – where the US president gets downed by a flying cream-pie. An army general shouts: “GENTLEMEN, OUR YOUNG PRESIDENT HAS BEEN STRUCK DOWN IN HIS PRIME!”

Q7: Who were the CALUTRON GIRLS – and what were they asked to do ?

A- They were AMERICAN women employed to enrich uranium for the atom bomb

B- They were RUSSIAN women employed to spy on the American atom bomb program

C- They were FRENCH women employed to cook yellowcakes for the a-bomb program

Correct answer: A

Note: The so-called “calutron” machines supposedly produced tiny bits of of ‘enriched’ uranium necessary to make the atomic bombs. Under the ‘Manhattan Project’, scores of women got a job in the super-secret Oakridge plant which allegedly produced enriched uranium. The girls had no idea what they were doing: they operated switches and dials and monitored meters, but had no idea what those switches and dials did or were related to. wordpress.mrreid.org/2012/07/0…

Q8: Was Einstein involved in the atom bomb hoax?

A- No, Einstein had no role in the atom bomb hoax. He was a staunch pacifist.

B- Yes, Einstein is credited with inventing the principles of the atomic bomb

C- Yes, Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt urging America to make the bomb.

Correct answer: C

Note: “In the summer of 1939, six months after the discovery of uranium fission, American newspapers and magazines openly discussed the prospect of atomic energy. However, most American physicists doubted that atomic energy or atomic bombs were realistic possibilities. No official U.S. atomic energy project existed.

Leo Szilard was profoundly disturbed by the lack of American action. If atomic bombs were possible, as he believed they were, Nazi Germany might gain an unbeatable lead in developing them. Unable to find official support, and unable to convince Enrico Fermi of the need to continue experiments, Szilard turned to his old friend Albert Einstein.”


Q9: How much time passed between the very FIRST alleged atomic test (codenamed Trinity) and the first atomic bomb allegedly dropped on Hiroshima?

A- 3 years

B- 3 months

C- 3 weeks.

Correct answer: C

Note: YES, we are actually asked to believe that it took only three weeks to design, develop, build AND deliver the infamous “LITTLE BOY” – the sophisticated ballistic airborne device that was allegedly dropped – successfully – on Hiroshima.



Q10: On December 2, 1942, we are told that Enrico Fermi and friends achieved the very first atomic chain reaction with their so-called Chicago Pile – the first ever apparatus to achieve such a feat. How did Enrico Fermi describe his Chicago Pile?

A- “The most technologically advanced apparatus ever devised by mankind.”

B- “A beautiful atomic sex bomb”.

C- “A crude pile of black bricks and wooden timbers”


Correct answer: C

Note: As the story goes, the first-ever atomic chain reaction achieved at the Chicago Pile was celebrated by all the attendees (an impressive international line-up of famous physicists) by popping a fiasco of Chianti.

Q11: THE MAGIC QUESTION : with help from user “ICfreely”



What famous self-proclaimed “journalist” was the author of titles “The New World Order” “The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints For A World Revolution” and “The World Set Free”; who visited President Theodore Roosevelt in the white house; was a critical member of the Fabian society; appeared on the cover of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album with Alleister Crowley; was tutored by a Freemason bulldog for Charles Darwin’s evolution theory (Thomas Henry Huxley); in turn tutored Huxley’s grandchildren including Aldous Huxley; AND speculated about the existence of future “nuclear weapons” just 20 years before Leó Szilárd filed patents for a nuclear chain reaction based on this author’s writings and 25 years before Szilárd approached Einstein to push for so-called nuclear sources of energy?

First, Middle and Last Name Options (some selections do not apply to answer) :



“Or” (prefix)




Correct answer: Herbert George Wells (H.G. Wells)

Possible other answers: George Orson Welles, George Orwell

Note: First some notes about the other names. Comedian George Burns appeared in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the film based on the Beatles’ album of the same name. Orwell’s given name was Eric Arthur Blair; is Tony Blair related? Orson Welles is the propogator of the infamous “War of the Worlds” hoax, which is a useful lesson in how people believe what they are told through trusted outlets – despite the absurdity.

On to H.G.Wells. Basically, the development of the official nuclear story is somewhat simple, based on three stages leading to the Nuke:

1. The DOUBTERS – who said the science of a sustained reaction as written by Wells was nonsense: Rutherford, Soddy & Ramsay – the scientists that Wells criticized unscientifically through misrepresenting their science in so-called “perpetually exploding” bombs that never turn off.

2. The DOUBTER-DOUBTERS – who believed a fantastic weapon based on H.G.Wells’ story “The World Set Free” could be achieved – Szilárd & Fermi & some German scientists.

3. PROJECT CREATORS – Szilárd & Fermi & Einstein, etc.

During 1938 Szilárd accepted an offer to conduct research at Columbia University in Manhattan, and moved to New York, and was soon joined by Fermi. After learning about the successful nuclear fission experiment conducted during 1939 in Germany by Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassmann, Lise Meitner, and Otto Robert Frisch, Szilárd and Fermi concluded that uranium would be the element capable of sustaining a chain reaction. Szilárd and Fermi conducted a simple experiment at Columbia and discovered significant neutron multiplication in uranium, proving that the chain reaction was possible and enabling nuclear weapons. Szilárd later described the event: “We turned the switch and saw the flashes. We watched them for a little while and then we switched everything off and went home.” He understood the implications and consequences of this discovery, though. “That night, there was very little doubt in my mind that the world was headed for grief.”

This grim prediction of “world grief” just so happens to parallel Wells’ fictional depiction of a future time in which the threat of powerful nuclear weapons could be positively exploited to bring about a cultural peace between all nations. It is almost as if Szilárd, Fermi, Einstein and associates wanted to make up a weapon specifically for propaganda purposes. It is also interesting to note that Wells, despite popularizing if not practically inventing modern science fiction, considered himself foremost a “journalist.” One wonders how many hoax writers behind today’s headlines also consider themselves journalists in a similar vein. Wells’ book “The Open Conspiracy” basically speculates about a plot of elites selecting people to rule a so-called “socialist” society, essentially by force. And at the end of his 22nd century prediction “Things To Come”, the characters aim to circle the moon in a space craft, announcing in a kind of incredibly paranoid, jingoistic pro-colonization stance against his belief in the baseness of animals:

“For MAN no rest and no ending. He must go on—conquest beyond conquest. This little planet and its winds and ways, and all the laws of mind and matter that restrain him. Then the planets about him, and at last out across immensity to the stars. And when he has conquered all the deeps of space and all the mysteries of time—still he will be beginning … All the universe—or nothingness. . . . Which shall it be?”

He seems to imply that we have a choice, and that it is based on his vision of a technofascist involuntary socialism foisted upon his so-called fellow man he claims to care about. This seems to be the vision, model and basis for the “nuke” scam.





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5 thoughts on “ep140-Clues Quiz #3-The Nuke Hoax

  1. richard benedict

    “If Columbia Pictures had planned for the Three Mile Island accident to happened, they could not have written a better publicity stunt.” Turner Classic Movie Host Robert Osbourne, quoted from his introduction to the movie The China Syndrome. 3/30/15

    Congratulations everyone on a great show. When I first hear mention of Well’s book World Set Free in conjunction with the nuke hoax, it was game over for me. I had read enough of his other “predictive programming”, prophetic science prophet works to smell what he is cooking. To me, any further proof of the nuke hoax is strictly a formality.

    Ab, I admire the way you and your guests arrive at your conclusions. To me, one of the greatest assets of your show is you and your guests discuss your thought processes. Revealed are brilliant intuitive and logical thinkers. I never get tired of listening to your opening monologues on detecting PSYOPS etc. Priceless stream of consciousness lectures for the uninitiated.

    The movie The China Syndrome appeared on America TV last night Turner Classic Movies [3/31/13]

    From the Wikipedia page

    “The film [The China Syndrome} was released on March 16, 1979, 12 days before the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in Dauphin County,Pennsylvania. Coincidentally, in one scene, physicist Dr. Elliott Lowell (Donald Hotton) says that the China Syndrome would render “an area the size of Pennsylvania” permanently uninhabitable.”


    “Knowledge increases doubt.”

    Richard Benedict

    1. ab Post author

      Richard thanks for your kind words. I will watch the China Syndrome now for the first time and look for clues.

  2. smj

    before fermi landed that sweet gig in ci cago, he made his reputation on his beta decay theory. he gave a name to the handy (nearly) massless, chargeless, and half-spinning particles that made the equations work so well. he called them “neutrinos”…

    neutrinos were first predicted by pauli in order to save an equation or two we’re told. the narrative says he was conflicted…

    “i have done a terrible thing, i have postulated a particle that cannot be detected.”

    no worries though, fermi saves the day with his theory of beta decay or the weak force. this is some very fundamental bullshit…

    fermi was so damned clever that everyone just knew that neutrinos had to exist but since they were damn near massless and chargeless there was no way we could ever discover (not see; we don’t see any of this shit) one.

    however, a couple of eager fellas set up a neutrino detector next to the savannah river nuclear plant and they discovered some of the rascals…

    some other eager fellas figured out that you could find neutrinos in particle accelerators: and wouldn’t ya know it, fermi-lab is knee-deep in the neutrino bullshit…

    we are told that neutrinos are also made in the sun, and that they are buzzing through us all the time. so in theory if you build a big enough detector you might catch one of these timid buggers interacting with some other theoretical bullshit.

    unfortunately, most of these detectors look like something out of a puff daddy video…

    so they had to come up with something more gangsta so they sent some belgian dude to the south pole to build some nonsense called “icecube”…

  3. Tom Dalpra

    Good stuff. I enjoyed that.
    Very listenable.
    Great questions, informative in themselves, and a relaxed ‘panel’.

    Congratulations to Delcroix on the fantastic JFK prize he chose.

    Best fake quiz yet, for me.


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