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Fake science fueled by a compromised media leads to real drugs with real consequences and real deaths. Understanding how the media is controlled can go a long way to helping you decode the medical system.

In episode 50 of “The Infectious Myth”, David Crowe talks about long-term non-progressors, people who have lived with a positive HIV diagnosis, for many years, without taking drugs, or with taking them only for a short time. As well as people who stopped the drugs after several years, and whose health never completely recovered.   The episode includes two interviews that were recorded for a recent special co-hosted by David and Gary Null. The first interview is with a man David calls Peter.


Here is the YouTube movie referred to in the podcast


Update 3/29/15

Watched the movie. While not polished, it’s clear message is that HIV 0;medicine” is really toxic to humans and is being used as a eugenics program in many countries. Laws and shaming are used to intimidate and force the medicine on women and children. It’s a truly disgraceful and modern day culling program.

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