9/11 fauxgrapher Nathan Blaney

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Was this a planned /urban land clear that was portrayed as a gas with victims, that seems to happen more often than not in NYC this time of year? Quite a few of the pictures have a 119 (911) address in them.

The horrific gas explosion in East Village on Thursday brought Manhattan to a standstill and left a lingering fear about the city-wide, never-ending building works.

Revered photographer Nathan Blaney, who captured the aftermath of the attacks, was sat feet away in Bull McCabe’s bar when the now-destroyed sushi restaurant exploded.

via 9/11 photographer Nathan Blaney captures the aftermath of the East Village explosion | Daily Mail Online.

I couldn’t find this photographer in cluesforum’s phonytographer thread.

I did find his 9/11 photos deep in the google search. With all due respect, I’ve been a photographer most of my life, and I don’t see much to revere.

I did like this bit of artwork though:

911 crates

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