Space Cartoons

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I didn’t realize Peter Jennings started as a paid liar so long ago.

Space Cartoons and the :

Here’s the extent of my flat earth research before this month (and I’m sure most others as well)

Bugs Bunny-Hare We Go 1951:

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11 thoughts on “Space Cartoons

  1. Tom Dalpra

    These Wernher von Braun Disney specials are a favourite of mine.
    Interesting to see NASA’S vision as of 1955.

    Loving the early hopes for the ‘Speece Steetion” at 1:55.
    Note : ”The floors are placed so that the men stand with their heads to the hub”. I reckon that’s a weird design Wernher. 🙂
    I like the fact that early space walks would use the, oh so advanced, nylon rope.
    Ha! I don’t care how strong nylon rope can be. If I was floating in space I’d want more than feckin nylon rope stopping me from floating into oblivion. Big IF, that one.

    The seven armed space suit at 3:20 is good too. Mobility might be an issue, but many hands make light work, as we know.

      1. khammad

        I love the juxtaposition between the old fashioned truck and the new fangled rocket.

        But wait, the old fashioned car is contemporary to the rocket. We have not improved on basic rocket design since then.

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