Unreal works hard, gets banned

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Valued fakeologist @ fighting the good fight over at Eric Dubay’s site, explaining and clues forum to an unbelieving crowd, only to be banned from the forum.

Well I do appreciate others trying to convince non-fakeologists of our view of 9/11, it is often a thankless job. As tempting as it is for me to comment on other sites, it’s simply easier to create your own blog and site and allow your views to remain for others to see without constant harassment.

Is 9/11 the ultimate litmus test for other researchers truthfulness? It may not be, but it certainly is a good indicator.

Thank you @Unreal for trying.

Suppressed Scientists

Another banned user @acenci took my advice and started his own forum, and does a transcript of many of my broadcasts.

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4 thoughts on “Unreal works hard, gets banned

  1. UNreal

    just as a sidenote, i’ve been informed that members @ IFERS forum have now started ad homonym attacks based on this posting here at Fakeologist and clearly show the tell-tale signs of being yet another storefront for a limited mindset and fallacious reasoning.

  2. Carys

    Good, patient work on the IFERS forum UNreal. Pity they pulled the plug on a decent exchange between you, lizardking and others. I was stuck in Judy Wood-land for a couple of months and was interested to see what it is that keeps some people there so long. Seems the pull and promise of Tesla technology is huge.

    1. UNreal

      thanks Carys

      indeed, Tesla has a huge pull and can even be considered the ‘introvert’ in what i suspect to be the ‘Jachin / Boaz’ fully scripted duality between Edison / Tesla…

  3. UNreal

    thanks Ab, didn’t expect this to even be noticed !

    the topic of the Flat Earth* has been on my mind lately, so in my efforts to gain knowledge i joined Eric Dubay’s forum where i hoped to find more ‘Clues’ to ‘Flat Earth’ theory. there are quite a few interesting threads on the ‘The International Flat Earth Research Society’, and many are on other topics than the Flat Earth itself. most members seem to be very sure of their opinions, and unfortunately ‘Clue’less about 9/11, World War 2 (‘the jews’) and media-manipulation in general.

    i’m a bit scientifically challenged, so i rely on research by others on the purely technical angle. in this department Eric Dubai seems to hold his grounds, and even if he doesn’t i couldn’t really say. what i discovered however is that the field of Flat Earth is plagued with Psy-Ops and controlled opposition. i believe this is the case with Mark Sargent, despite his positive attitude and openness. after becoming familiar with Dubay’s forum i’m puzzled by how much the latter two actually depend on each other, appeal to specific ages, target audiences and have major defects built-in from the get-go. just found out of course that Eric Dubay’s IFERS forum is a closed eco-system with a very aggressive and close-minded outlook.

    good research is hard to come by, so are likeminded researchers. it is however disappointing and sad when apparently bright people have such a hard time to understand a Fakeologist and media-deception in general,,,

    *by ‘Flat Earth theory’ i would also include ‘concave / convex ‘ research and information

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