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Guest: Delcroix

We discuss the Sharia Law Hoax

Arabs are the necessary enemy in the 911 Program.  As well, without Arabs/Muslims as the bad guys, we would have no business occupying countries in the Middle East. The Sharia Law Hoax is a good example of how the media gets it wrong on purpose. Instead of showing that Sharia Law or Muslim Law  behaves in the same way as Judeo-Christian Law: A Set of Moral Guidelines, the Media shows Sharia Law as the blueprints for Muslim’s evil plan to take over the world. This purposeful misrepresentation of the facts is part of a far larger pattern of villinization of Arabs/Muslims. The 911 Fear Based Mind Control Program only works if Arabs and Muslims are malevolent.


What is the Sharia Law Hoax?

THE SHARIA LAW HOAX:  Muslims want to enact Sharia Law in order to eventually take over the United States using America’s tools against her:  Her precious legal system.

THE SHARIA LAW REALITY: Sharia Law or Sharia Court is a term given to dispute resolution that is loosely based on religious rules.

(There are books written by Muslims on with the words Sharia Law in the title sitting on bookshelfs. These are self-help books for Muslims.)

Some links from the show:

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