Goldbug tool?

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I’ll post this to open up debate. Is using an alias a way to avoid legal consequences in passing laws or participating in ?

I have stated many times that I believe psyops hoaxes are all done within the law. Add some fundraising and I’m sure it is easy to sign people up.

I quickly looked at the Florida oath and it required a voter registration number. I don’t know if you need ID to get this registration number.

The tool to out the FAKERS.:

H/T Frank in

Disclaimer: Posting this video doesn’t change my opinion on Goldbug’s misleading 0;models”. They will always be to me.

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1 thought on “Goldbug tool?

  1. anounceofsaltperday

    I greatly appreciate you posting this Tim. I have the view that focussing on the message is less effective than focussing on the message.

    DGB has put forward a clear and easily debunked model regarding the candidates that stand for election. Can we establish that he is wrong?

    Since I live in Australia, does the DGB model apply to the country where I am obliged to vote as well?

    Does it appy in Canada?


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