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Tough questions

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Your fake news, sold as real news. Who can watch this fiction? Pressure cookers, Boston, 93 WTC, they throw all the fakery into one steaming pot of flim flam terror BS stew.

Was your wife a loving caring person or a terrorist?


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Kind words

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Lovely feedback from someone across the pond:

Hello Ab

Hope your well.  I wrote some time ago. I would like to call in one day but its too late here in London UK. Having listened to most of your calls, my mind can be fairly occupied with the topics-fakery etc yet I’ve never spoken to someone who is already aware of this so it would be good to stay awake one Saturday. Are the raw calls advertised prior to the shows?
‘Its like’  I find really irritating too. I think you’re the first person I’ve heard mentioning this. About a fortnight before you said it I was telling my 10 year old daughter to avoid saying it too much. As I’m telling her I say its like, amusing but a bit disturbing, it seeming contagious. I’m hearing it at work a lot ( I drive a cab) especially amongst females in their twenties. A ride the other day two passengers whole conversation had every exchange with several its like in them. I got fixated on this and i found it agitating. I repeatedly hear this from educated ,private school students,professionals.  Language as control could make for an interesting show!
Flat earth,  wow something I didn’t foresee taking seriously. Followed by the usual doubt. Is Mark controlled opp etc? He pops out of no where ,is on a lot of shows way more than fakery ever gets on. Gosh it is a bottomless pit!
Many thanks for what your doing. I’m still finding your broadcast one of my favourite podcasts.

The show is now being done Sunday afternoons around 4pm EDT, so those in Europe don’t have to stay up so late.

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New Fakeologist Logos

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Special thanks to fakeologist Carys for their excellent use of spare time in creating some good looking logos. Add them to those created by Robin and Videre and we’re getting quite the collection! Feel free to add yours.

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Pleasure squads and joy brigades

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The North Korea psyOp is more ridiculous than Iran. If Adam and John didn’t believe in nukes than perhaps they would talk about North Korea more as the farce that it is.

The post title refers to Kid Kim’s apparent resurrection of the female pleasure squad. Beyond silly but funny.

Advance to 1:25:00 for the discussion.

* Show Notes: 710.noagendanotes.com/

* Episode Feed: No Agenda – feed.nashownotes.com/rss.xml

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Did James Cameron direct the 9/11 movie?

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Great post by new member Thinktwice:


Sometimes you get a hunch, and you can’t always point to a particular reason why, but you feel a need to investigate. I have a little hunch that James Cameron had, or could have had, something to do with 9/11–especially in terms of production, scripting, and special effects. Of course many bits of circumstantial evidence can be trotted out to support some kind of connection (as is also the case with some other celebrities), but can we build a compelling and conclusive case? Who knows…

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Here’s a dramatic reaction video (“like a movie”), complete with sad music and Russian/American merging of emotions:

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