Did James Cameron direct the 9/11 movie?

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Great post by new member Thinktwice:


Sometimes you get a hunch, and you can’t always point to a particular reason why, but you feel a need to investigate. I have a little hunch that James Cameron had, or could have had, something to do with 9/11–especially in terms of production, scripting, and special effects. Of course many bits of circumstantial evidence can be trotted out to support some kind of connection (as is also the case with some other celebrities), but can we build a compelling and conclusive case? Who knows…

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Here’s a dramatic reaction video (0;like a movie”), complete with sad and Russian/American merging of emotions:

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2 thoughts on “Did James Cameron direct the 9/11 movie?

  1. xileffilex

    Great post. A lot of thought has gone into that. There’s a cover story for the activities of Cameron et al during 9/11 here, written by Titanic artist Ken Marschall :
    Marschall is seen at 0.46 in the linked video on the extreme left.
    [I think it must be re-enacted]

    see also

    We even get a CGI Titanic page

    Some of the alleged dive footage from September 2001 is here

    Can we believe a word of it? One big joint US-Russian hoax?

    1. ab Post author

      Some random thoughts.
      James Cameron did not release any films for 10 years including and spanning around 2001.
      The video of the crew and himself learning of 911 looked very staged and rehearsed.
      I am skeptical that the MIR deep sea divers exist as we are told. More magic numbers – it descends to 6000 feet, it found the Titanic at 3800 (3+8=11) feet. On a MIR youtube, it described the Marianas Trench as 11,000 feet deep. The more I hear about deep ocean exploration the more I doubt we know anything at all about it, like space.Just read its wiki and see how they are making up the numbers.

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