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Muddying Mayor Ford media fakery

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rob fordA conversation was started about a post on a (suspiciously sparse) blog regarding our past mayor faking cancer for personal gain.

While this has happened before, the purpose of the blog entry is to shift the blame from our compromised or controlled media to the individual. As wily as Mayor Ford might be, he could not create a media event as coordinated as the one we have seen since he took office.

Yes, the media and those who control it can create and maintain a story/event/psyop/hoax. This is the elephant in the room, as usual, that most cannot or will not see.

Here’s a typical conversation around this story on a local podcast:

Start at 1:35h

In short, I think there is a very good chance that the whole Rob Ford charade was a carefully orchestrated few years where budgets were increased unchallenged while operating under the charade of a cost saving, no nonsense mayor.

Magically, the surgery will begin on May 11. This after 27 days of chemo and radiation. The only visible effect that one could gather with their 6 senses of this treatment was a clean shaven head, which of course is possible with a simple shave. I know one individual right now going through radiation who can’t get out of bed, can’t eat, and can barely speak. Contrast that to Rob Ford who speaks with a sad demeanor looks his normal overweight self. He clearly takes the same poison treatment that Magic(al) Johnson takes for his AIDS.

The power of the media is clear: it can convince people to abandon their senses and accept what they’re told. When will it lose this power for non-fakeologists?

Toronto Coun. Rob Ford is preparing for cancer surgery, after learning Thursday that doctors will be aiming to remove a tumour from his abdomen next month.

“I have to start getting mentally prepared for the surgery,” Ford told CBC News a few hours after he learned the  surgery will take place on May 11.


(the above link shows that he has his hair back)

Please note that this is not a partisan issue, it is a fakery issue. At the beginning, I liked the guy’s everyman quality. This is before I was aware of media fakery. He may have been real before, but at some point he was pulled over the line and assumed a role. How this works we will never know.

In summary, the narrative the media gives is that individuals fake stories for their own gain. This obscures the fact that those that control the media create the events, with the leads in the story playing a role. This is a difficult distinction to make, but critical for those willing to understand fakeology.

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Audiochat – April 6, 2015

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Who? Ab, Unreal


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