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Challenger Crew hiding in plain site?

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Simon asks:Image

I would like to invite our readers to assess and evaluate for themselves whether or not it is a realistic possibility that (almost) ALL of the purported victims of the 1986 “Challenger disaster” are still alive and well – by reading the last four pages or so of this thread, starting from here – including this present post, which I submit as a ‘summary’ of sorts. I find this particular line of research quite interesting, insofar that it may help us all understand the mechanisms of ‘psy-op vicsim creation’ – as well as the astonishing boldness (or carelessness / arrogance?) with which they are concocted and carried out. To be sure, out of the many topics debated on Cluesforum, this particular investigation has had (as they always should) its fair share of controversies – even within the ranks of our most trusted contributors; I think that this ‘check-and-balance-methodology’ we keep observing on this forum is all-positive and, in fact, essential to uphold a high level of discourse and objectivity. So thanks to all.

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Oklahoma City bombing 20th anniversary

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Chris from Oklahoma in stellar form on this call I must listen.

5 frames of footage say that nuclear bombs are a big lie.

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* Duration: 3:05h, Played: 51:58

* Published: 2015-04-06 8:31:46 PM

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